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Fan Tong:
This is me. Everyone should know already, but I have some kind of language deficiency. I can’t even remember what day it was when I died in the original world. This is surely a depressing way to end a life. Although I really want a cliché tragedy setup in which ‘a beautiful fiancé is washing her face in tears and is waiting for me to go back to my original world’, there’s honestly nothing like that. I feel rather sad about it. I’m currently still a useless white tassel. Please take care of me in the future as well everyone.


Luo Shi:
Hmm—a pretty boy. One of the Eastern City’s Five Attendants. Prince. I do want to say that I’d rather meet a princess, but that’s quite rude. He’s really a good kid, it’s just that he killed me once. Everyone says he’s hard to get close to, but I think he’s just embarrassed too easily and ends up putting on a somber façade. We have a friendship worth two dinners so far. I hope this number will go up. I know it’s shameful to hope for someone to treat you to food, but I really don’t want to eat those public rations…


Yue Tui:
He was my neighbor and is now my roommate. Also a pretty boy, the Western version. Seeing him shine so brightly in broad daylight almost hurts my eyes… No I can’t say that. It’s just that looking so beautiful seriously induces jealousy from others of the same sex. All in all, he’s a good-natured, gentle person. He’s also my friend. Although he’s a white tassel as well, he’s not useless like me. Apparently he died a nasty death. I hope he’ll be able to live happily in the Eastern City.


Zhu Sha:
A roommate I met after moving into the school dorms. We live in a triple and he sleeps in the bottom bunk. Ahhhhhhh, I really wanted to sleep in the bottom bunk! He’s a delicate, upright kid. It seems most of the people I know are young men? His personality’s a little serious so it’s a kind of tricky situation for me. He didn’t believe in my disability either, which hurt my feelings one way or another. Although it seems I’ve spoken a bunch of bad things about him, he’s really a good person. He currently holds a pale green tassel.


Bi Rou:
A Westerner; a pretty girl from room 448. I admit that I’m attracted to good-looking ladies, but I also know I’d have no chance in fate with them. She also holds a pale green tassel. Her personality should be outgoing? I realized she’s really good at acting after seeing her a few times. Hmm, should I say she’s good at acting or good at playing with men? Anyways, all the people in contact with the pretty girl are all bigwigs. No matter who’s got a loose screw in their brains, that’s none of my business.


Mi Zhong:

The tour guide who was responsible for introducing all the knowledge and information I need. I’m not here on vacation though, so calling him a tour guide isn’t exactly correct. My impression of this person isn’t very good. He’s a bit thief-like, very practical, pretends to be close with me, and babbles a bunch of irresponsible remarks. In the terms used by my other world, his type of person would be described as a wily old bird perhaps? And I’d be the greenie. Yeah. He’s also a pale green tassel, and it seems he carries an enormous debt.


Yin Shi:
One of Eastern City’s Five Attendants. Rector of Shufa Xuan. Truthfully, I’m not sure what he’s responsible for. He’s responsible for being handsome? Or maybe for acting like an idiot… You’ll find out soon enough why I’d say this. He’s really good-looking that’s for sure, but many girls probably had their dreams crushed after knowing what he’s really like. Could it be that you’d have to be mentally retarded to be a royal officer? I felt a bit disappointed. Then I found out he’s a pure black tassel. Where’s the justice! Are mental retardation and power in inverse relation?


Wei Shi:
One of Eastern City’s Five Attendants. Substitute-rector for Wushu Xuan. I still haven’t seen this person, so I don’t really know how to introduce him. Mi Zhong says he’s a bad person, so I guess he’s a bad person. I heard he oppresses New Residents, which means he’ll oppress me. This kind of person can’t be a good person. It’s alright to not know him.


Hui Shi:
One of Eastern City’s Five Attendants. Rector of Wushu Xuan. This person disappeared two years ago. Luo Shi seems to be really sad because of this. I heard he’s the Queen’s adopted son, and is a good-looking, powerful person. I know he’s handsome because everyone says Yue Tui and he look similar, which means he’s handsome. I heard he was already a pale black tassel when disappeared. Just where did he go?


Xi Ying:
The Eastern City’s Queen. From far away, I can only say she’s an icy-looking pretty lady. I haven’t spoken to her and I don’t know much about her, but she’s a pure black tassel so she has to be strong, right? Maybe even stronger than Lord Yin Shi? If Lord Yin Shi is the strongest around, I don’t think I can accept it…



The Western City’s Young Emperor. I’ve only heard rumors about this person. I don’t even know what he looks like. If he’s called the Young Emperor, he’s got to be young. I heard he already had three gold threads five years ago, which is the highest rank in The Western City. He obliterated an army of three-hundred thousand and created a shining… Cough! Vicious reputation for himself. I guess a person that can do such a thing has to be cold-blooded. To be ruled by someone like this, I wonder if The Western City is lucky or unlucky?

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