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The first feeling this story gave me was that of an extravagant feast.

To create entirely independent and unique worlds seems to be Shui Quan’s specialty. At first glance, this story seems a little solemn, as though you’ve dressed up and walked into a high class restaurant to enjoy a luxurious meal.

But then you read on, and out pops a fortune-teller protagonist who’s been cursed to say the wrong things all the time, and would constantly end up in the most tragic situations thanks to this… Although what he has to go through is very sad, the tips of my lips still arch up time after time. This is a perfect example of laughing at another’s misfortune, everyone. It’s not a good thing to learn!

(But I just can’t help but keep laughing! Hahahaha!)

It’s as if you’re enjoying caviar and truffles, but the restaurant’s owner suddenly started forcing a waiter next to you to start entertaining guests and so starts doing some aerobic dance… This is tragic for the waiter, but it’s a blessing for the customers.

Not only is there a bountiful feast in front of you, but there is entertainment as well. You can eat and watch. How can that not be a blessing?

While enjoying the structure of a somber world, you can’t refrain from spewing out huge laughs thanks to the protagonist’s sad yet hilarious suffering.  Yet, at the same time you’re chuckling, things temporarily hidden in this amusement continue to reveal themselves.

The world in this story is dismal; with laughter, faint sadness, and much vagueness and mystery… Shui Quan’s different arrangements for Chen Yue Zhi Yao turn it into a multilayered cake. Take a bite and you’d find its taste sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and bitter at the same time, as though this cake shadows the flavors of a human’s life: rich, but real.

Chen Yue, Chen Yue. Maybe you should just rename yourself to Life instead.

What is the key to life, I wonder? What journey would I take up once I open it?

Let’s flip open this Chen Yue Zhi Yao then, and begin the search!


Yu Wo 

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Translator: Nuddle
Proofreaders: Snowstorm

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The official English name of this series (沉月之鑰) is “The Sunken Moon.”

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