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Author’s Note – Volume 1 Chen Yue Zhi Yao


An author’s note is the kind of thing where you’d forget what you wanted to say by the time it’s time to write it.

Ugh, anyways, it’s like an afterword for the volume where your head turns completely blank, the same feeling as when you’ve crossed into another world and reincarnated. For this note in particular, I didn’t start writing it until after I finished the first two volumes of Chen Yue… While I was writing this story, it felt as if my whole body had entered a strange trance and couldn’t stop. With the addition of various incentives, it’s come to this. (Sweatdrop) I guess it’s partly due to how I like hurrying to finish things as well?

The last time I wrote at this speed was in high school, I think. It’s quite nostalgic now that I recall back. In all regards, this is a happy occurrence. Also because I stepped into another world (Huh?)… Volume one was finished in fifteen days. Volume two took nineteen days. This broke a personal record. (Dead)

In the last four days of writing volume one, I even wrote ten thousand words per day and finished it just like that. Other than feeling exhaustion, I also felt refreshed in both body and mind – (Gets hit)

Sigh, although I’ve finished volume two already, it won’t be published very soon. At the earliest, you’ll have to wait a few months. On the other hand, The Silver Area is also being released.

This is also a story I like very much. Though you can’t see much plot direction in the beginning, hidden devices are inside. I tried to do something new this time. I guess anywhere Fan Tong is, there’s happiness? (Eh?) As for the places without him…

So with my love for the story, I went and made stamps for it like an idiot. I even got the jade plates talked about in volume two, and I’ll most likely post up pictures as well.

By the way, when I was thinking about how to do the character profiles, I once thought of introducing them like this.


Fan Tong: Rice bucket.

Luo Shi: .

Yue Tui: Yue Tui Feng, a type of high-class bento. Could also be seen as .

Zhu Sha: .



…But I thought this was a bit over the top. Of course, I thought of this as well:


Fan Tong: Main Character

Luo Shi: Side Character

Yue Tui: Main Character

Zhu Sha: Side Character



But I think the readers would kill me if I actually did that.

I thought of an idea in the end and decided to do something more interesting. This volume had Fan Tong introducing the characters, and the next one will have Yue Tui doing it. Each volume will have someone different, so we can see what everyone’s like from the characters’ points of view.

As for new characters, they won’t be introduced until they show up in the story… Agh, that can’t be helped.

Chen Yue is a new story with an entirely new structure. For its birth, I’d like to thank my good friends, Yasha , and Xiao Niao Niao. (There’s no need to give everyone a nickname, miss.)

The one who recommended that I work harder and start a new series was Xiao Yu. The reason I finally decided to do it was because Yasha agreed to draw for me. It was Xiao Niao Niao* who helped me formulate the basis for Chen Yue. From creating the framework to writing the story itself, I felt great satisfaction. I was working very happily during the process of creation as well. It’s only right if people feel happy doing their jobs, you know. (Laughs) I hope everyone will like the story and the characters in this book as well.

Because of some health problems and extenuating circumstances, Yasha was unable to continue illustrating for this story. For consistency, the publishing company will republish volumes one to five with art by Mr. Zhu Guan, who has now taken over Yasha’s role. That’s why this version exists.

The only difference between this version and the original one is the art and a couple fixed typos. I would also like to thank everyone for their support in both the old version and the new.

As for more detailed information about doujinshi , story previews, and other materials, please check out my personal website. (If I have any, I’ll post it up there.)

Shui Quan’s Blog: The Place Ink Spreads

Aside from this, you can utilize your family members as well. Sometimes, I’ll have polls to gather data and understand some things. (But not very often anymore…)

Many of the notices and announcements in the blog are quite dated. I almost can’t recognize myself from the past, so I hope you all don’t take it too seriously either… (?)

Wind – Revolving – Resounding

Anything related to the novels will be announced in two places. The website is where the main activity is, with posts about my current mood and writing.

Then there’s Plurk, where I’ll be rambling about various little things. Sometimes I won’t be writing a post on the website and will announce it directly on Plurk:

And finally, I have the usual lesson on for you all:

I keep receiving messages from readers about how they couldn’t find the earlier volumes… When something like that happens… the blog comes in handy. Although you can wait until the books are restocked or place an order to the bookstore, using online websites is much more convenient and would save time. Usually, there will be discounts too.


Of course you’d have to sign up for a membership first, but that’s free.

You can then search for the book you want to buy and place the order. The important thing here is that you can pay in cash at a nearby 7-Eleven. When the book is shipped to 7-Eleven, they’ll send an email to you. Then, you can tell them that you have an item from Bokelai and pay. The items will be there for a week, and I heard there aren’t any harsh penalties for not picking items up. (Gets beaten)

This way, you can choose a convenient 7-Eleven near you and no one would know about what you did… (Who?) (Don’t ask me) The collection on Bokelai is usually complete, and sometimes there are autographed copies…

Then we have a lesson on Kingstone:

It can be used the same way. Kingstone started charging shipping fees now, and the discounts are about the same as Bokelai. You can pick up books at their various branches as well as in convenience stores likeFamilyMart,OK, and HiLife. 7-Eleven is not included. Everyone can pick one that suits their needs.

Kingstone also has events for autographed copies and gifts, so if you’re interested, please keep an eye out for them.

Both bookstores seem to have a reward points and special discount program.

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Translator: Nuddle
Proofreader: namaejanai, Sherry

洛侍(Luo Shi). Weak force/tendency is Ruo Shi(弱勢)
Leg is pronounced Tui
Murder(誅殺) is pronounced Zhu Sha. Just a note that all of these puns have slightly different tones when you pronounce it, but they’re still quite close.
This is referring to Yu Wo
online bookstore

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