Chapter 4: Settling In

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“It’s just that our beds have been assigned. Is there a need to make it sound like we’re some newly married couple buying a house?” – Fan Tong

“Fan Tong, Fan Tong!”

After skipping school for three days, Fan Tong was visited once more by Mi Zhong this morning.

As for why he skipped for three days, that’s because “Chen Yue Jie” was soon approaching. In order to prepare for the related events, and to allow for everyone to fully welcome this important holiday, the entire Eastern City had gone on holiday status twelve days prior. Until the day of the holiday, since it includes the whole city, the school would naturally be closed as well. Even if the students wanted to attend, there’d be no school for them to go to.

During this period, Yue Tui endeavored in studying the city’s language textbooks. Fan Tong very kindly helped him and, at the same time, taught him the correct way to hold a brush and the techniques to writing calligraphy.

Yue Tui is a very smart person, and smart people usually possess a sort of innate knack for learning new skills. Even if they don’t master the subject completely, they still grasp ideas and contents at a faster pace. However, the speed at which Yue Tui was learning calligraphy was so horrible Fan Tong couldn’t bear to watch. In comparison, Yue Tui’s language comprehension improved rather quickly. At present, he could already read two out of every five words on the street signs, though this level of understanding won’t be of much assistance yet.

Fan Tong thought people who excelled in martial arts should be fairly adept at managing the use of weight and pressure. That’s why he found Yue Tui’s inability to handle a calligraphy brush quite bizarre. Was it because an emotional barrier rejected the idea, thus preventing him from doing well?

When he asked Yue Tui whether he should give up, Yue Tui responded sincerely, “Since I’ll be living in the Eastern City from now on, it’s my duty to assimilate into this city’s culture and live in the same way the residents do. As the Eastern City’s people use calligraphy brushes, it’s only right for me to use a brush as well”… This sort of determination beyond doubt calls for respect, but if he had this mindset, why can’t he learn well…

At any rate, they had already been practicing calligraphy for three days at home, and had also eaten the public rations for three days. Publics rations is something that as one consumes more of it, it’d make one want to level up, earn a salary, and eat normal food. Even Yue Tui, who didn’t care much about being a white tassel, began to consider battling a green tassel and bilk out some salary.

Regrettably, first ignoring the fact that they haven’t researched who to find for testing yet, this issue would be out of the question with everyone gone on vacation until Chen Yue Jie.

Unless they leveled up by fighting with someone… But Yue Tui said he’s not going to consider this, since he didn’t like this kind of method that required stepping over another person’s effort. Fan Tong could only say, Yue Tui is truly a good person.

You don’t have to kill the person when fighting with him. Although winning would cause the guy to drop a rank, making it sort of a parasitic relationship, but isn’t this just part of society’s laws to survival? What’s so bad about it?

“Fan Tong, your bed location has been assigned! You can finally move into your official residence!”

The main reason Mi Zhong came today was to convey this message.

Why does he feel like this isn’t worth celebrating at all?

They’re doing no more than moving to an even smaller space. Albeit they added the word official in front, that still didn’t please anyone by the tiniest bit.

“You say my bed’s been confirmed. Then what about my neighbor?”

Fan Tong pointed to Yue Tui, who was practicing calligraphy nearby. Yue Tui also looked towards Mi Zhong.

If he could live with Yue Tui and act together for things, there’d at least be one reason worth getting happy over.

“Oh, your neighbor’s been assigned as well. He’s sleeping with you.”

Mi Zhong checked the documents on him and reported. He then noticed Yue Tui’s existence, and clicked his tongue after looking at Yue Tui.

“Tch, Fan Tong is so lucky, to be able to live with such a beautiful person. He really does look a bit like Lord Hui Shi. You’ve won big.”

…He’s not a beautiful female or anything, so what exactly are you envying about? Are the people living with you some ogre or demon? What does having him looking like Lord Hui Shi have to do with me winning big? Won’t you give me at least some proper logic to this?

“Mi Zhong.”


“You don’t like guys, do you?

When asking this discourteous question, the curse didn’t disrupt him. Good job.

“This… When you ask me this way, it’s really hard for me to answer you. Generally, I like females, you know! But Lord Ling Shi…”

Mi Zhong revealed an incredibly complex and troubled expression, but what did that have to do with Lord Ling Shi? Wasn’t Lord Ling Shi female?

“Fan Tong, don’t worry. Although my sexuality is unconfirmed as of now, or even if I’m confirmed to like men in the future, I won’t like you. You don’t have to be worried at— all—“

Great to know he wouldn’t need to worry, but why did that sound slightly offensive?

“Then should I be worried?”

Yue Tui looked a bit worried.

“Don’t look at me like I’m some suspicious bacteria all of sudden, won’t you? Stop teasing me already.”

Mi Zhong waved his hand and brought them back to the main topic.

“Anyways, let’s move. If your neighbor wants to move now too, he can. Gather your things a bit and I’ll lead you there. You two are assigned to a three-person room, so there’s going to be another roommate… Oh right, are you really close with Lord Luo Shi? I’ve been hearing a good plenty of rumors.”

And before he finished a few sentences, he strayed from the topic again.

“If you say close, we’re not that close…”

“Really? But I heard he intimately ate a late night snack with you and caringly led you to class, and you two even dated in public in front of the campus doors, and that Lord Luo Shi becomes happy whenever he sees you, when he’s typically such an aloof person.”

“When did that hap– Cough! Cough Cough!”

Fan Tong choked on his own saliva.

When did that happen–! Wait, now that I think of it, we did seem to do something like that. But why does it sound so weird when you hear it! Are the things we did really that weird, or no, looks like rumors really are a frightening thing–!

“Other than the late night snack, I participated in all the other events…”

Yue Tui felt he was being obscured by the rumors.

“Oh? Is that so? Then what really happened?”

Are you here to dig for gossip? And with a face full of anticipation?

Fan Tong eyed Yue Tui telling him that he needed help. Yue Tui understood and spoke for him.

“I think… Luo Shi is just a normal friend.”

“Oh hey— So you don’t call him Lord Luo Shi but rather directly by Luo Shi, hm?”

Explanation failed. It seemed they’d only dig their grave further the more they spoke.

“…Spreading these rumors, aren’t you afraid of Luo Shi finding out?”

Yue Tui appeared too lazy to explain more, but he was starting to feel annoyed by this situation.

“Of course we’re scared, but who would tell this to his face?”

That’s true. Luo Shi’s so easy to recognize.

“There’re no other news? Do you really have nothing else to tell me?”

“We had something to tell you in the first place…”

“Just tell me if there is anything, won’t you? Let me earn a few pennies. Although Lord Luo Shi feels quite distant, he still has some fans…”

I wanted to say we had nothing to tell you, and who would want you to earn money? You wouldn’t split with me. No, this isn’t the first problem to contemplate about. I shouldn’t tell you this and that even if you would split with me…

“Hahh. Whatever if you have nothing. Hurry and pack your stuff. I’ll lead you to your new home.”

Mi Zhong gestured his hand, disclosing his immense disappointment. His objective here should’ve been to help them out with the move in the first place. Why did he forget about the most important thing?

As for their luggage, it was no more than a few clothes plus a couple textbooks. It was very convenient. They followed Mi Zhong to a region near the campus. Based on the mass of orderly lodgings here, this should be the New Resident’s dormitory area.

They’re living in a three-person room right now, but “there’s a chance” they can move to a two-person room after rising to a blue tassel rank. Why only a “chance”? Of course that’s because you’d need someone to move out in order to have space for you to move in. So don’t be too hopeful.

Three out of every ten New Residents could become blue tassels. As for the other seven, they are fated to be greens and whites their entire lives. That also meant most people live in three-person rooms, so there’s no need to despair simply because you’re in a cramped space, because it’s the same for everybody.

If you could become a red tassel, then the city would naturally consider you important property, and you’d be automatically transferred to a single room. But for something as distant as a red tassel, Fan Tong didn’t have the nerve to think about it yet.

“No one is living in the temporary housing right now, right? Then why do we need to move?”

Perplexed, Yue Tui inquired. They were living just fine where they were originally.

“Everyone’s in a three-person room. Do you think you can be special?”

Mi Zhong shrugged his shoulders, answering Yue Tui’s question.

“With the temporary location emptied, we can take in another New Resident who haven’t been assigned a bed location yet. Even if there are extra houses, they’re reserved for Natural Residents. There’s no chance for New Residents, you know.”

There really is discrimination. Sigh, becoming a red tassel looks more probable in comparison. Since no matter what they did, they wouldn’t become Natural Residents.

The dorms’ outer walls were painted white. Some people wrote and drew graffiti on certain spots, slightly upsetting the aesthetics. Especially because most of these crazed outbursts started with “Lord Ling Shi”, it was certainly terrible. In this rare occasion, it was a good thing Yue Tui didn’t understand the language here, Fan Tong felt.

“You’re assigned room forty-four of the top floor. Don’t panic because I said the top floor, since there are only four levels in this building.”

Four four four?

Can we switch rooms? We’ve already died and we’d still have to live in this sort of place. What change of luck is this? Plus, isn’t this the Eastern City? Rationally speaking, shouldn’t they avoid something as odious as a fourth floor! How unprofessional!

“The previous dwellers of this room, I think eight out of ten died from having their souls destroyed by the soul purging weapons. The last two were these poor lads who owed more than a thousand strings. The pain from a debt that big hurts more than a woman giving birth, you know. I’m not a woman and haven’t given birth before, but that’s what everyone says. Don’t you find it amusing? Hahaha.”

Your mother is amusing.

Fan Tong had a sudden urge to salute Mi Zhong’s mom.


“I’ll only lead you to here, so go up by yourselves, alright? Get along with your roommate and classmates, okay?”

The third roommate was still unidentified as of yet. As for getting along with the other students… up until this moment, the two of them have failed quite badly.

Of course, Fan Tong wouldn’t expect an elevator system or the like. They could only use the primeval method to reach the fourth floor – walking the stairs. To be honest, this is already pretty good. If the dorms were designed in the same fashion as Fuzhou Xuan, Fan Tong felt he’d rather feed on the rain and sleep in the dew, upon imagining all the struggles he’d must go through to climb a flight of stairs.

“Fan Tong…”

The one who pushed open the door to room forty-four was Yue Tui. Glancing inside, he expressed his thoughts in an odd tone.

“The room… is quite small, isn’t it.”

Fan Tong leaned in to look, and when he did, he felt the stinginess of the Eastern City once again.

There weren’t even three beds. There was only one triple bunk bed.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Stacking together, the top, middle, and bottom bunks fully displayed its space-saving capability…

Would they have to roshambo to decide who gets which bunk now?

Other than the tear-inducing triple bunk bed, there was also a desk. Yes, there are three people, and only one desk. There’s also a shelf separated into three sections, clearly suggesting each space per person. Did the Eastern City believe everyone’s belongings wouldn’t exceed this allotted space? What happens if they exceeded?

The suspicious thing was, they included a bathroom in this highly economical design. Alright, it’s a shower room at best and can be used for washing up, but how is this possible? Logically speaking, shouldn’t they make everyone use a public bath or something?

Fan Tong held full skepticism against this shower room. If he wanted hot water, they’d probably give him cold; maybe weird things will pop out from the pipes, or something.

But, where was the other roommate? Not here yet?

It’s understandable if the person didn’t want to live here, being assigned to a room numbered four-four-four and all. If he really didn’t plan on coming, then a room with two people would actually be more spacious…

Seized by a whim at the moment, Yue Tui opened the shower room door. He suddenly screamed after a look inside, slammed shut the door, and backed away a few steps at the same time. Shocked by Yue Tui’s abnormal behavior, Fan Tong hurriedly asked.

“Yue Tui, what is it?”

“Inside, there’s a gi, gi, gi…”

It appeared Yue Tui was so shocked he couldn’t stutter out a proper word. Now with his curiosity perked, Fan Tong also wanted to open the door, but Yue Tui slapped his hand away.

“I already said there’s a girl showering inside. Why are you still opening the doors!”

Unfair! You didn’t say that. Though even if you said it, I’d still want to open the door and further understand the situation. Why are you such a gentleman?…

As time passed during their few sentences worth of conversation, the door was opened from the inside. Except, this person who walked out wearing no top and only a towel around the waist, was a boy no matter how you looked at him.



He’s clearly a guy. Flat as a board, that’s a chest no matter how I see it. Yue Tui, have you become blind? You made me all happy for nothing.

Though with someone coming out from the shower, at least now he knew the shower room is functional.


Yue Tui was very surprised, seeing the youth. It almost seemed like he wanted to go inside to check if there was another person.


The youth’s appearance could be counted as fair and cute. His age shouldn’t be bigger than fourteen or fifteen. At the moment, he’s staring at them weirdly, as though they were acting very strangely.

“Hi, we’re your roommates. I’m Yue Tui.”

Yue Tui finally recovered from the shock and politely greeted him.

“I’m not Fan Tong.”

Until when does this curse plan to play with him.

“I’m Zhu Sha.”

The boy reported his name, watching Fan Tong like he’s some mutant. He didn’t seem to have an interest in finding out what to call him if he wasn’t Fan Tong though. His attention paused on Yue Tui for a fairly long time, apparently ignoring Fan Tong completely.

“The tour guide said we’d probably live in this room for a long time, so I guess we should decide on the bed arrangements first?”

Looks like he’s a roommate they can get along with. What good luck this is, Fan Tong felt.

“I can do either…”

Yue Tui didn’t have an opinion about sleeping on the top, middle, or bottom.

“I want the top bunk.”

Stop joking me! I want to sleep on the bottom!

“I’ll take the bottom bunk then.”

Zhu Sha on the bottom, Yue Tui in the middle, and Fan Tong on top. So, before Fan Tong could take back his words and correct them, the matter had already been settled.

Shouldn’t the top bunk be given to the person with an agile body? Hey, I have to climb to get up there while Yue Tui just has to jump once, you know? Maybe I could discuss this with Yue Tui some more… but it looks even more difficult to get into the middle bunk…

As for jumping to the top bunk in one leap, even if he could do it, he shouldn’t. Who would know if the city was being shoddy with their materials? What’d happen if the whole thing collapsed once he jumped on it? Can they ask the government for another one?

Finished with the bed issue, Zhu Sha then took his luggage from the corner and onto his bed, getting ready to put on his clothes. Only after he was done did Fan Tong notice that he had a pale green tassel.

To Fan Tong, a white tassel with absolutely no money, even a pale green tassel was very admirable. Yue Tui could instantly become a pale green once he finds out the how to, but Fan Tong couldn’t.

“I don’t like to be bothered when I’m sleeping, so don’t call me even if I’ll be late. Otherwise, prepare to take responsibility for it.”

Getting up is it? Understood, understood.

“How about you two?”

Zhu Sha widened his eyes, asking them if they had any taboos or anything to make note of when living together.

“I… think I’m good generally. I can’t think of anything right now.”

With Yue Tui’s personality, it’d be quite difficult to make him mad. As for “I don’t like to be hit,” “I don’t like to be killed,” “I don’t like to be provoked,” and other universal dislikes everyone agrees on, there’s no need to specially mention them.

“I speak normally.”

He really wasn’t trying to be weird to catch his roommate’s attention.


Zhu Sha ultimately posed his suspicions.

“I just wanted to say, don’t mind the things I say.”

That puzzled Zhu Sha even more, slightly infuriating him.

“Why do I need to mind? Is everything you say incredibly important?”

I’m sorry. Actually, everything I say is garbage. I apologize to the whole world.

Oh, right! Maybe Zhu Sha would understand how to read the Eastern City’s words! Then I can explain to him!

Suddenly realizing this point, he took out the explanation paper from his waistband and handed it to him.

Speaking of which, he’s already written the note for so long and yet never thought of showing it to Mi Zhong… Is this some sort of subconscious filtering?

Zhu Sha looked at it and seemed to understand the words. Fan Tong felt somewhat relieved.

But this short jiffy of relief soon transformed into sadness. Zhu Sha gave the paper back to him, replying with only four words.

“I don’t believe you.”

…We’re all going to be roommates sleeping under the same roof. Do you have to be this way? In order to get along with someone for a long period of time, one must first nurture a sense of trust in others, right?

“Just what is written on there?”

Even now, Yue Tui couldn’t understand the words completely, so he asked again out of curiosity.

“A bunch of far-fetched occurrences that have a very low chance of actually happening.”

Even if you don’t believe me, you could still at least clarify it for Yue Tui, couldn’t you, little boy?

“Huh? Fan Tong, so you wanted to show me a story?”

The direction’s completely skewed now! Do you think I’m a novelist? Why is it so hard to create empathy between humans–

Fan Tong held his knees against the wall, fully shot down by the chain of attacks.

“Fan Tong… are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Even when he didn’t want to push himself and wanted to be honest, he couldn’t speak his true feelings. This curse really lived up to its name: a curse.

“We’ll be living together for a long time. You should know that too, so we should treat one another with honesty. Don’t randomly play jokes on your roommates.”

Zhu Sha crossed his arms, reprimanding him with dissatisfaction. Fan Tong has truly, become speechless.

“Fan Tong’s not doing it on purpose… I think.”

Yue Tui forced a smile to help him. Since he’s planning on helping him, shouldn’t he at least say it with more confidence? It doesn’t sound very persuasive this way.

“I want to grab lunch. Are you guys going?”

The public rations? No thanks.

“We only eat dinner…”

That’s how they lived for the past few days. Their stomachs felt empty twenty-four-seven, but if they ate the public pass outs, not only would their life not be anymore fulfilled, but their minds would become more drained.

“Why are you guys so unhealthy? You should be eating three meals a day, with an extra snack on the day you have more time.”

Zhu Sha expanded his eyes, as if they were freaks.

“…Excuse me for asking, but, don’t you find the food gross?”

“Food is food. They all taste the same.”

Hearing Zhu Sha say that, in a certain sense, Fan Tong thought he was worth commending.

“If you’re picky with food, your body might become underdeveloped.”

Patching those words, Zhu Sha caused Fan Tong’s face to fully collapse.

Little boy, have you forgotten that you’re already dead? Do you think you’re still alive and still possess a normal body? What development. You wouldn’t grow anymore… right?

“Yue Tui, New Residents should still grow right…”

Said it wrong again. No matter. Hurry and disagree with me, Yue Tui.

“How did you know?”

Who would’ve guessed that Yue Tui’s reaction would completely differ from his expectations?

“If you have enough money to exchange, little kids can grow up and seniors can become younger. The Eastern City has shufa that does this. It’s just really expensive.”

So it be. That still has nothing to do with eating correct foods though. Also, when did Yue Tui become more knowledgeable about the city than him…?

Looking at this, had Fan Tong hit a bargain? He didn’t need to become older or younger. He’s at the perfect age.

“Otherwise, if an adult changes bodies too much, they have a danger of becoming old.”

The words Yue Tui amended brought him from heaven to hell.

“But, that’s only a probability, so you don’t have to be too worried…”

Don’t you understand? That for all things unfortunate, no matter how big a difference the numerator and denominator has with one another in that probability, I would still come across it?


After living in the dorms for a week, Fan Tong learned more about the New Residents and gained a deeper understanding of Zhu Sha.

It seemed Western faces were really quite rare in the Eastern City. Going in and out this past week, he didn’t see more than five people with gold or red colored hair. As for most of the city’s residents, they held a certain disdain towards New Residents who were Westerners. They’d find them an eyesore, and harassment would more or less happen as well. Once, when Yue Tui walked on the street, for example, some people purposely bumped into him. No matter the tassel color, each group contained an abundant amount of people with such immaturity.

Of course Yue Tui noticed these feelings of contempt from the general public as well. But this wasn’t an issue that he could solve simply by dying his hair, or rather, he didn’t do anything wrong, so he shouldn’t have to lower himself to such methods just to gain respect. That’d only make the egocentric people feel even more pleased with themselves.

Luckily, their roommate Zhu Sha wasn’t the type that thought “Since Westerners are not of my race, those with a Western face that are more talented than me should all die.” He believed that since everyone is a part of the Eastern City, they should all get along. Although the highly biased groups considered anyone who familiarized themselves with Westerners as traitors, Zhu Sha didn’t seem to care.

After seven days of observation, Fan Tong more or less had an impression of Zhu Sha: has no taste buds, maintains extremely proper meal habits and manners, takes showers twice a day, is serious, and is determined.

Zhu Sha appeared to be the kind of person that persisted in doing his part–even though school was closed, he still studied and did homework at home. He organized his notes and skimmed through the books in an effort to be ahead. Unless Yue Tui needed the desk to practice calligraphy, he would be there using it the whole day.

Zhu Sha came to the Eastern City before they did, so naturally, he’d have attended more classes. As for the two of them who had only attended one class, they had never even learned the basics. They wouldn’t understand anything if they tried to look ahead in their books, and there was nothing to review. It was quite hopeless. At least Yue Tui could still practice his calligraphy and learn some written characters, but Fan Tong truly had nothing to do.

They weren’t the only ones who thought about mingling and making more connections with the other students, as many others also understood the importance of networking. Some people purely loved liveliness and hated feeling alone, while a number of people didn’t care about the differences between Westerners and Easterners. Say, just today, the classmates from room 448 and 449 kindly invited them to a chat tonight.

Yue Tui didn’t mind this type of thing, and Zhu Sha thought that leaving the book to socialize was a bit valuable as well. Although Fan Tong wasn’t very good at making conversation, it would be standoffish of him if he refused when the other two agreed. Hence, he joined the excitement and decided to go.

The chosen location was room 448, apparently because it was comparably larger. Upon hearing this point, Fan Tong suddenly realized they’d have to cramp nine people in this room… Is that really possible? Wouldn’t it be too cramped? Don’t they think they’re pushing it a little?

Not to mention, they said room 448 belonged to a few girls. Sticking three girls with six guys together, wouldn’t the girls feel awkward? Are they that open? Does this count as socializing?

If they were pretty girls, that’d be really nice. But due to the curse, Fan Tong wouldn’t have the opportunity to flirt with them. His fate as a single man would have to continue.

“On manners, should we prepare some presents?”

Yue Tui troubled over this question.

You’re too kind, aren’t you? We’re completely broke. What would you have to give to them? Do you have some sort of souvenir from your past life?

“If I have to give presents, then I’m not going.”

Zhu Sha was very practical. See that–he knows how to save and cut costs.

“But if we accepted an invitation, we should at least give them something…”

You’re not a young master any more, you know. Please hurry and forget about the things you learned in your past life.

“Give them what?”

Good comeback.

“…Forget it. Pretend this didn’t happen.”

Yue Tui finally noticed the problems with reality and finally quit. And so, that evening, the three of them punctually knocked on the door of room 448.

Cute girl A received the door. She grinned a wide smile upon seeing them. Counting the number of people inside, Fan Tong presumed that the guys from room 449 had already arrived.

Going in, they genially greeted each person. Because it was inconvenient for Fan Tong to talk, Yue Tui thoughtfully introduced him instead. He only smiled and nodded his head.

The room was fairly wide. Everyone found a place to sit, and it wasn’t even to the point where they had to sit on the middle or upper bunks. Yue Tui, who had his seat assigned to the lower bunk of the bed, felt a little embarrassed. Zhu Sha, who was assigned to the same lower bunk, openly took the seat without the discomfort of sitting on a bed where a girl slept.

It appeared their conversation could start.

But, why are there only eight people?

“Excuse us, Bi Rou went out for a moment. She’ll be back soon.”

Cute girl B explained with a smile. The reason was quite normal. Fan Tong that if the person was him in this situation, the explanation would probably be, “Sorry, Fan Tong just died. He should be back soon from regenerating in the Pool” or something…

“Bi Rou?”

Yue Tui was dazed for a second and quietly mumbled this name under his breath. No one noticed, so no one asked him about it.

Although someone was missing, it was alright to start chatting a little. When there are many people talking at the same time, each person’s focus would naturally veer off course. In such a situation, no one really noticed whether Fan Tong talked or not. Fan Tong felt a bit relieved.

The guys from room 449 protested that cute girl A’s smile was much brighter when she greeted Fan Tong and his two roommates. But that’s the way of the world. Compared to the plain faces of the guys from room 449, the three of them from room 444 could be considered quite handsome and outstanding. It’s a woman’s right to be more excited towards good-looking men. Fan Tong admitted his appearance wasn’t half bad, either. It wasn’t purely because of Yue Tui and Zhu Sha that they were so warmly welcomed.

But this mouth. Haah. Haaaaaaaaaah.

The first topic they found was about school life and the teachers. The two cute girls were both white tassels, while two of the guys were whites and one was pale green. This also meant their chance of taking the same classes was also very high.

“Everyone was killed by that Wushu Combat teacher, right?”

That Wushu Combat teacher made perfect complaint material.

“Yeah! The whole class ganging up on a new student–that’s too immoral!”

“Once I polish my skills, I’m going to battle him!”

Even Zhu Sha became angry. Was everyone taught by that Tractor Teacher for Wushu Combat?

Yue Tui didn’t have the courage to say anything since he didn’t die. After all, some things are better left unsaid, or they’ll only enrage the people further.

“That person is rotten! How could he have New Residents kill off fellow New Residents!”

“Yeah, yeah!”

While they talked with each other enthusiastically, Fan Tong was more interested in knowing if they participated in the kills when other new students joined the class…

“I’m back–“

At this time, the door flung open, accompanied by a sweet voice. Of course, the person was the girl called Bi Rou. Everyone looked in the door’s direction.

The girl was actually a Westerner as well.

She was probably a bit older than Yue Tui. Bi Rou owned a mane of luscious golden hair, fine white skin, and beautifully-defined facial features. These all emitted the characteristics of a Western person. Whether considering her face or body, they were all undoubtedly very charismatic. After coming to this world Fan Tong saw a beautiful woman up close for the first time.

Alright, the first time actually belonged to Ling Shi, but that incident was closely linked with the memories of his first death. He really didn’t want to recall those memories.

“Did I come back too late? Everyone should’ve heard already, right? I’m Bi Rou. It’s very nice to meet you all–“

No matter how late a beautiful girl is, she will be forgiven. While everyone thought she was going to reintroduce herself, she rushed up to Yue Tui and grasped his hands, her eyes sparkling.

“Wah! It’s a Westerner like me! From the time I came to this place, this is the first time I spoke with another Westerner!”

Judging by her face’s slightly pink tint, she must have been very happy to see someone of her own race in a different land.

On the contrary, Yue Tui’s reaction wasn’t as animated. He was dazed from the beginning, and only smiled after a while. He flawlessly removed his hands from her grasp as well.

“What’s your name?”

Although Yue Tui’s attitude wasn’t as passionate as hers, she didn’t feel rejected.

“…Yue Tui.”

Yue Tui paused for a little before answering her question. This time, Bi Rou was stunned.

“What is it?”

“No… It’s just that your name has the character . It’s very uncommon in the Eastern City…”

After quickly explaining, she found herself a place to sit.

“What was everyone chatting about? Let’s continue!”

And so the conversation they left hanging started again. During this period, Fan Tong didn’t participate, but rather sat quietly on the side thinking about various things.

Seeing more people, Fan Tong noticed that New Residents had quite a lot of young people. Young boys and girls in their teens weren’t rare, and there were even little children. This fact really induces sighs.

These people all died before being lured here. In their original world, they didn’t live long and their life had already left them.

Fan Tong didn’t know if his emotions now were that of sadness or pity.

Though, he might be pitying himself just a bit more. Just how did he die?! This is ridiculous!


He wasn’t sure if this counted as having a wish come true, but once Fan Tong thought of this matter, cute girl A opened her mouth, smiling innocently.

“How about we all share how we died in our original world?”

Fan Tong almost choked on his own spit. Yue Tui thought this topic was incredibly preposterous and turned his head towards Fan Tong.

“Isn’t this a very serious matter? How can we use this as such a carefree topic for chitchat…?”

Don’t ask me. Before that, please give me some time, so that I can make up a cause of death for myself…

Due to the fact that cute girl A and cute girl B held staggering interest towards this topic, and because the others didn’t seem to dislike the idea, everyone sat on their seats and began to talk, starting from the guys from room 449.

“I suffocated to death when I curled myself in my bed. The weather was too cold.”

It’s not that I wanted to say this, but fellow classmate, that’s a really dumb way to die.

“My greatest regret was that I couldn’t see the last episode to my favorite drama. When it was going to end the day after tomorrow too–“

The things you added just made it sound even sillier… Actually, could we have come from the same world? Or maybe your world has technology too?

“I died from eating too much crab.”

How can you die from eating too much crab? Please explain? Also, just how many crabs did you eat?

“I guess my last wish was to eat another one…”

How much do you like crab, really? Were you entering a crab eating contest?

“I think I wanted to find out what insecticide tasted like one day, so I died from drinking a bottle.”

Of course you would die from that. Did you think you’d be fine because you weren’t a bug? Well then, what flavor was it?

“I was very regretful when I was dying. If only I drank just half a bottle, I wouldn’t have died…”

Nah, I think you’d have died either way. And even if you didn’t die from drinking that, you’d probably try out other brands until you did die. Why are all of you so weird?

“It’s my turn now. My heart suddenly stopped, so I died.”

Cute girl A raised her right hand, blinking her eyes wittily.

Hm, why did I suddenly think your death had something to do with that god of the new world… No, forget it. Pretend I didn’t say anything.

“I think I was in a vegetative state since I was born, and finally died after sixteen years.”

Is that so. You’re very healthy now. I’m happy for you.

“Eh? Is it my turn? How did I die, is it? Well, that’s not very important. I’ve forgotten about it for a long time now, hahaha.”

Like that, Bi Rou quickly passed it on.

Miss, you were a bit too happy and positive when talking about your death, weren’t you? There wasn’t an ounce of sadness.

“I died when I tried to teleport and failed.”

Zhu Sha calmly verbalized. This cause of death sounds quite mysterious.

“How exactly did you die?”

“Well, the teleportation failed, so I couldn’t move my entire body to the other side. My body was chopped in half, and I died. This is purely an academic failure on my part, so I must cleanse myself of this stain and properly learn the skills of this world.”

Not wanting to repeat history is a very good idea… Eh? It’s my turn?

“I don’t know how I died…”

The “I forgot” reason had already been used by Bi Rou. She’s a beautiful girl, so no one complained even when she passed it on with that, but if Fan Tong said the same type of stage line, everyone’d hiss at him.

Good thing it didn’t flip this time. It should be fine this way, right?

“Fan Tong, you have no sincerity at all–“

“I know right–“

Hahahaha. I really don’t know…

“I was murdered.”

The last person to go was Yue Tui. When he plainly said the sentence, everyone gasped and responded with curious eyes.

Yue Tui didn’t want to say it originally, but he wanted to cooperate with the crowd when everyone said theirs. Now, everyone seemed to want to know more, making him wrinkle his brows.

“It’s so vague to only say you were murdered. What exactly happened?”

The one who asked was Bi Rou. Yue Tui was baffled for a moment again. He put on a grave expression and began to speak in a solemn tone.

“Do you want to know?”

He asked, watching everyone’s expressions. He slowly moved his hand to the pit of his torso.

“The first blade, cut me from here, to the side of my stomach.”

The room suddenly fell quiet. His pale right hand then shifted to the right side of his chest.

“The second blade, stabbed through here.”

Everyone’s faces gradually changed. The girls even turned a bit pale. Yue Tui still continued, as if he didn’t see these reactions.

“I was really weak at that time. I wanted to turn and run for help, but the third sliced off my two legs. He then used the sword and pierced the palm of my right hand, nailing me to the floor.”

His articulation didn’t carry any emotion, as though he wasn’t talking about himself.

“He then clenched my neck with his two hands, squeezing it tighter, inch by inch. He said to me, ‘If only you didn’t exist.’ I used my left hand, wanting to free his fingers from their grasp. I wanted to speak, but he didn’t let me. He said it was my fault I left an opening. It was my fault I gave him this opportunity, and death is the price I’d have to pay…”

At this time, cute girl A cried out in a loud wail, disrupting Yue Tui’s voice.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know… Everyone looked so gentle and bright, and didn’t seem to have any tragic pasts. That’s why I thought it should be fine to ask about everyone’s cause of death… I’m so sorry!”

She unceasingly apologized. The people nearby patted her back and tried comforting her. Fan Tong really didn’t know what to say upon seeing such a situation. He never thought that was how Yue Tui died either.

Then this is considered a tragic death, right? Who was the one that killed him?

Perhaps the girl thought she hurt Yue Tui again, making him saying those things, but Fan Tong believed Yue Tui said it that way on purpose, although he didn’t know the reason why Yue Tui suddenly wanted to illustrate his death scene like a masochist.

“The one who should say sorry is me.”

When Yue Tui said those words, his tone was yet very plain.

“I shouldn’t have said those things that made everyone uncomfortable… let’s talk about something else.”

In other words, he didn’t plan on saying any more. In reality, it wasn’t fitting to continue with the room’s atmosphere now.

“Uhm… did you guys undergo any transmutations?”

The male from room 449 threw out a vocabulary term no one had heard before all of a sudden. The others asked him what it meant.

“Transmutations are when your soul undergoes some sort of qualitative change because of persistent desires or certain special circumstances during that period when you were being lured to Huan Shi, and you end up with a new supernatural power. Do you guys have any?”

This sort of sounds like a buy one get one free deal, and, once again, Fan Tong found himself never catching such luck.

“Aye, no wonder I felt my appetite became smaller!”

That’s not a supernatural power. That’s the public rations being too nasty.

“So it was like this. I was wondering when I got these strange new powers…”

Zhu Sha nodded his head, but he didn’t say what powers those were.

“I don’t feel stuffed no matter how much I eat. I wish I had a more useful power.”

The boy who started the conversation voiced. Hm… This power does sound pretty useless. Even if he really likes to eat, he still can’t eat anything good without money. He shouldn’t have an interest in eating much of those public rations, right?

No one else jumped into the conversation, so it seemed people who have transmutations aren’t that common. No wonder Mi Zhong didn’t explain that to him.

His longing to speak properly should be pretty apparent shouldn’t it, Fan Tong felt. It’d be something similar to “Please let me speak properly for five minutes before I die,” that sort of feeling. Then why couldn’t he have a power that allowed him to talk normally for an hour each day? The curse hadn’t been lifted. It was as if he died for nothing. Exactly the same as though he used all his savings to buy lottery tickets but none of them won anything, leaving him with only a pile of scrap paper.

The following subjects still revolved around school and the teachers, including that mysterious entrance exam for Shufa Xuan.

“So, do any of you know what the entire passage says on the textbook? I only saw one line.”

Once cute girl B finished, Fan Tong promptly pointed to Yue Tui.

“The teacher said Yue Tui is a prodigy found only once in a thousand years.”

That Blind Teacher probably said a hundred years, but it’s a figure of speech for boasting. Adding on a few years doesn’t hurt.

And Yue Tui’s widened eyes seemed to be saying: Fan Tong, why did you betray me?

“You can see them all, Yue Tui? What did it say?”

Yue Tui broke a pained smile, then pointed at Fan Tong.

“I don’t know how to read the Eastern City’s language. I had Fan Tong translate it, but I’ve already forgotten the contents. You should ask Fan Tong.”

Just wonderful! You know I can’t speak properly! Fan Tong gaped at him, frightened.

If you didn’t point to me, then wouldn’t everything have been fine? Yue Tui’s eyes appeared to carry a chilly breeze with them.

“Fan Tong, what does the entire passage say, on that textbook?”

Ugh, if a super pretty boy said he forgot, the girls could still forgive him. But if he, whose level of beauty can’t beat that bishounen youth, also said he forgot, then they’d definitely jeer at him…

“…See one line, you’re expelled. See two lines, you’re awful. See three lines, no medicine can heal. See no lines, go commit suicide.”

…He can no longer understand the logic behind this curse.

Everybody’s faces looked a little horrible. Cute girl B also looked entirely bewildered.

“But, that wasn’t how the first line went. Did I read it wrong?”

“Fan Tong, stop lying to everyone!”

Zhu Sha’s opinion of him turned for the worse again. By the way, apparently Zhu Sha could see two lines.

It was becoming late, so everyone returned to their own rooms, saying they should chat again the next time they meet.

He thought, then, that it’d be nice if he could invite Luo Shi to these meetings.

But that’s probably impossible, isn’t it. Those commoners would all become speechless once they saw “Lord Luo Shi”.


◎ Fan Tong’s Afterword

There doesn’t seem to be many problems with our new living situation. No need to worry too much about me. Although Zhu Sha is a bit strict, we actually get along quite well in the dorms.

Everyone keeps calling me Fan Tong, Fan Tong. It feels very heart-warming. But, I didn’t neglect the fact that their eyes secretly oozed a strange sort of smile every time they called me… Despicable. I need to seriously curse those who dare to make fun of my name in their hearts. It’s at times like this that I am so glad Yue Tui doesn’t understand the Eastern City’s language.

Only after hearing these things today did I realize that I didn’t really try to understand Yue Tui before.

Or rather, I didn’t really care about his past. Well, I keep thinking that the past is past, you know? The present is more important. Hanging on to things that have already happened doesn’t seem to be of much help, and it’s not like he can change back into whoever he was back then again. And the one I know is the him right now, you know… Was that sentence like a tongue twister? I’m not that hard to understand, am I?

I always assumed he was an independent, self-determined young master, but it sounds like the situation is more complex than I thought. This past week, I’d sometimes find him suddenly waking up, screaming. Could he be seeing memories from his past life and constantly suffering from nightmares?

Zhu Sha didn’t ask any more about Yue Tui’s state of affairs after we went back to our rooms. I wanted to ask, but really, I didn’t know what I could ask.

Asking him about those things, forcing him to remember such painful memories, then comforting him after hurting his feelings; that sounds really excessive, doesn’t it?

Dragging on a few more days like so, Chen Yue Jie has finally arrived.

The day before Chen Yue Jie Mi Zhong showed up in front of me again, telling me that since I’m a debtor, the Eastern City has assigned me jobs to shed off some of the money I owe. The first one they assigned was an emergency job for tomorrow’s Chen Yue Jie. I’ll have to wake up at five in the morning to work.

…What is this! Can’t I even participate in a celebration like a regular person?!


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Translator: Nuddle
Proofreader: sae

Yue, from his name, is the Chinese character 月, which means moon.

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