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On March 1, 2015, Posted by , In Updates, With 3 Comments

Here we are again at the first of March! We have two chapters of True Star for you today! Most of you were probably waiting for this, right? Well, enjoy!

On another note, for last time’s KSM update, at the end where Fan Tong says “See you eventually,” this sentence could also translate to “See you never.” Fan Tong uses the phrase 後會無期 (hou hui wu qi), which when translated as a whole, means “to meet at an unspecified date.” But when you split them apart, it can translate to “there is no specified date for another meeting.” The latter translation works better in this case as Luo Shi does tell Fan Tong to shut up afterwards. Because of that, we’ve decided to change that sentence to “See you never.”

Another thing, we could use some more proofreaders, preferably ones who have free time on their hands and are able to work fast. Some of our staff have gone MIA again, so we could use some extra help. We have two translated Gong Hua chapters, but the proofreading is going slow. So apply people!

Edit: We do not need proofreaders who will only work on True Star. We have enough of that at the moment.

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  1. An says:

    I’ve sent an application…no reply yet though… ; A;

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