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On June 15, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With No Comments

Happy June 15th! Like promised, we’re back with some KSM and True Star! We have some curious developments in both, so enjoy your read. Tang Feng might be adding another guy to his ever expanding harem. Or maybe not. We’ll have to see. :D As for next time, we’ll probably have some Gong Hua and Ti Shen. Look forward to it.

So, we’ve been noticing some spoilers cropping up in the comments for True Star again. If you really can’t hold back and want to talk about what happens next, use the spoiler tag in your comments: [spoiler] spoiler content [/ spoiler]. Remove the space after the “/” though. Just be considerate of the other readers and don’t spoil the whole thing. That kind of takes the fun away from reading. Cool?

As for the poll, the sandwich ultimately came in first with ramen coming in second. Too many of us want to change the past, eh? I have to mention here that the sandwich in the poll has nothing to do with the human sandwich in True Star. That was a pure coincidence. That better have not influenced your choices. Right? Haha. We’ll see you in July.

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 2 100%
True Star: Chapter 106
True Star: Chapter 107
True Star: Chapter 108

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