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Chapter 21: I Will Take Care Of Him!

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The closest hospital was ‘A’ City’s affiliated sister hospital whose medical standards were above average.

As soon as Su Yi Mo stopped the car, he threw open the back door and hurriedly carried Ran Feng Ge towards the emergency department.

Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le got out of the car and quickly ran up towards them. “Wait a moment!”

Su Yi Mo was a little confused. They had already reached the hospital, so why were they asking him to wait? The most important thing now was to seek medical treatment. What were they waiting for?!

Mi Le ran forward and blocked off Su Yi Mo’s way. “The face he has now is that of Jing Qiu Han’s. If you were to carry him in like this, what would people say? And if the news travels out and all the damned paparazzi were to come hounding here, what then?”

On her end, Mi Le was preventing Su Yi Mo from advancing any further. On the other end, Chen Xi Ran was already rummaging through the back seat to produce the little medicine bottle he always had with him. Pouring out a small handful of the liquid, Chen Xi Ran proceeded to rub it across the unconscious Ran Feng Ge’s face, especially at the junction of his head and neck. After a short while, a flimsy layer of skin-like material was lifted off his face.

As expected, Ran Feng Ge was looking worse than ever under the mask.

From the side, Su Yi Mo was frozen still while Chen Xi Ran pulled Ran Feng Ge on to his back. “Thank you for saving him today but Le Le and I can handle the rest from here. You are the big boss of a well-known company. If someone saw you carrying a stranger on your back, rushing like a headless chicken into the hospital, rumors are bound to fly. It’s better if you just leave; I’ll give you a call later.” As soon as Chen Xi Ran finished talking, he shot a look towards Mi Le and said: “Le Le, let’s go!”

“En,” Mi Le replied after a second of hesitation. She raised a hand and placed it onto Su Yi Mo’s shoulder. “So sorry for before; we were too quick to judge. It looks like you do worry for Xiao Ge after all. However, we still hope that you will never make use of him in this way again.” After saying her piece, Mi Le turned and quickly caught up with Chen Xi Ran.

It seemed as though Su Yi Mo was lost in his own thoughts. He had wanted to defend himself by justifying that he did not make use of Ran Feng Ge but the words just refused to leave his mouth.

Ran Feng Ge may be overly protective but these two were not any different from him. They treated Ran Feng Ge as their own and would willingly go to any length necessary to protect him—this was the first time Su Yi Mo felt their dislike towards him.

He turned his head slowly in the direction of the emergency department where Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le had just disappeared into, his eyes stuck on Ran Feng Ge’s back.

Soon, his brows furrowed.

What was wrong with him today? Why was he so worried and why was the sense of guilt still affecting him so? Su Yi Mo even felt like he was more worried than when he got the news about Jing Qiu Han.

This time, he could no longer use the “I worry because he looks like Jing Qiu Han” excuse to reason with himself, because from start till end, he had never once looked at him as that familiar face – instead, he had always only seen Ran Feng Ge.

Through that layer of mask that resembled Jing Qiu Han, all he saw was…

Ran Feng Ge…

And the fight they had…

He had never once gotten into an argument with Qiu Han, because as soon as Jing Qiu Han had on that forlorn, puppy-eyed look, all the anger in him would dissipate. But this time, he had no way of suppressing the anger in him; he even felt that Ran Feng Ge had wronged him! Su Yi Mo only had good intentions when he decided to rescue him. Yet, not only did Ran Feng Ge not reciprocate, he even accused him of involving his friends into the mess!

After arguing with Ran Feng Ge, Su Yi Mo felt that some of the steam and fury from before was no longer there. He hesitated for a moment as he stood next to his car. Not only did he not keep his word and leave, he also promptly closed the car door, quickly pulled the shades over his eyes, and entered the hospital.

In the hospital, Chen Xi Ran had already explained the situation to the doctor and Ran Feng Ge had been pushed into the surgical theater. In the corridor, both Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were absentmindedly pacing up and down.

“Le Le, let’s just knock him out and leave once he recovers from this, okay?” Chen Xi Ran sighed. “We can go anywhere—better yet, let’s leave the country!”

Mi Le could not help but roll her eyes at him. “If it were that easy, this would never have happened.”

“Tch, why is he like this? Why can’t he just follow in our footsteps and leave the industry?!” Chen Xi Ran rambled.

“As they say, you only live once!” Mi Le said as she crossed her arms and leaned against the hospital wall. “Maybe… The reason why he’s like that is related to what happened in the past.”

Chen Xi Ran imitated Mi Le and leaned against the hospital wall. “En… That’s what I thought too. Ever since that incident, he changed…”

Since the last time the two of them followed Ran Feng Ge to Su Yi Mo’s mansion, they had gone through numerous amounts of information regarding both Chasing Hawk and Falcon, Lan Kuang and Su Yi Mo – this made them more determined to find out what exactly were the mission details from two years ago.

Hard work begets results. Through Mi Le’s advanced computer skills, the two had found out that Ran Feng Ge’s previous work had affiliations to Lan Kuang and the An family, including the reason why Ran Feng Ge came back to them covered entirely in wounds.

The last sentence was also heard by Su Yi Mo who had just caught up to them. He had originally wanted to turn a corner and reveal himself to them, but at this moment, he stopped in his tracks and instead leaned against the wall to listen.

“I knew people involved in all these shady businesses were all shits! Grey, my ass!” Mi Le cried out in frustration. “They say they are all above ground and legal, but they can never get rid of the underground blood that is flowing deep within their veins!”

“Not only does he have to deal with Su Yi Mo, but now Lan Kuang is back into the equation as well! Both are also in the middle of a gang war—this is way too dangerous!” Chen Xi Ran was restless once more and returned to pacing up and down the corridor, pulling at his hair in worry.

“Forget it, I’m sure he knows what he is doing. At the very least, Lan Kuang still has no idea that he is the same man from two years ago. Su Yi Mo only hired him to act as Jing Qiu Han. As long as he stops doing such stupid things in the future and knows when and where his limits are… To be frank, if he really did want to leave all this behind, all the men from Lan Kuang’s side won’t even be enough to stop him. Don’t forget, he was able to escape from the situation back then; which means that he can handle himself. The only reason he didn’t escape unscathed was due to a clause in his contract and not because of a lack of abilities.” Mi Le reached out for Chen Xi Ran’s hand, squeezing it tightly. “Okay, don’t worry so much now. Worse comes to worst, we can gang up and give him a good beating so that he won’t be so professional next time!”

“En, that’s it! There is a limit to professionalism too! In times of danger, he should have known that his life is most important. That crazy lunatic!” Having Mi Le comfort him helped ease the feelings of worry in his heart. With a gentle smile, Chen Xi Ran leaned over and kissed Mi Le lightly. “Le Le, we should give him a hand this time round!”

Shrugging, Mi Le said: “Alright, better than standing around doing nothing. We’ll do as you say.”

“Le Le, you are the best. I love you so much! Come, let me have another kiss!”

With that, the two of them started laughing and joking around.

From around the corner, Su Yi Mo felt his shoulder relax as he slowly closed his eyes. From the exchange that he had just heard, he managed to catch onto some important details: two years ago, the An family, Lan Kuang, and being covered in wounds.

It appeared that, two years ago, Ran Feng Ge had a run in with Lan Kuang and ended up severely injured. This made him recall the time Ran Feng Ge came home drunk, the nightmare that had followed afterwards, and the words he had uttered: Lan Kuang, I’m not him, I’m not him.

There seemed to be subtle answers embedded in those details, making Su Yi Mo’s heart wrench with a mixture of emotions he had no name for.

Suddenly, Chen Xi Ran’s urgent voice sounded from around the corner, “Doctor! How is my friend?”

Su Yi Mo quickly collected himself and listened attentively.

The doctor removed the surgical mask from his face as he eyed the two people before him. Both were dressed in unconventional attire. “The patient’s immune system suffered due to having been deprived of oxygen. However, this is not the biggest problem at hand; adequate bed rest would be able to fix it in no time. The main concern at the moment is his gastric disease. There’s internal bleeding within the lining of the stomach, and if not handled properly, it could become a much bigger problem in the future!”

“Then, how is he now?” asked Chen Xi Ran.

“We have managed to stabilize him. The most important thing he needs now is proper rest. Make sure he has three meals a day at regular intervals; no raw or cold food, no smoking or drinking, and no overworking as well. There is no cure for gastric disease; there is only supporting care for it.”

“We understand. Thank you, doctor.”

Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were just about to follow the bed Ran Feng Ge was on to his hospital room, when they spotted the nurses looking at them strangely. Both thought to themselves as they looked down at their attires, feeling a little embarrassed and annoyed: All these people and their narrow mindedness. Haven’t they seen this style of clothing before?

The people involved in the military and special forces have even more outrageous-looking outfits!

Mi Le cleared her throat, saying, “What? Haven’t y’all ever seen cosplay?!”

With that, everyone quickly diverted their sight and those who could leave, left.

Chen Xi Ran hung on to a corner of the bed and was about to help push it when Su Yi Mo suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Seeing him appear unexpectedly, Chen Xi Ran stopped and wondered, didn’t we ask him to leave earlier? Why is he still here? The operation lasted two hours. Did that mean Su Yi Mo had been here the entire time? Or had he left and just came back now?

Observing that Su Yi Mo was still dressed in the white Taekwondo uniform, Chen Xi Ran was even more confused. It is more likely that he waited for the entire two hours, right? If not, why did he not even change?

Su Yi Mo did not even try to explain himself. He made his way to the side of Ran Feng Ge’s bed and looked at the unconscious man before turning to Chen Xi Ran to say: “I will take care of him!”

“You?” Mi Le looked at him dubiously.

“Yes. Let me take care of him. Unlike you guys, I am dressed rather unremarkably – no one will recognize me. The two of you are attracting too much attention. If this raises any suspicion, then wouldn’t our actions so far be all for nothing?”

Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le exchanged glances. Su Yi Mo was not wrong.

“If you really want to do something for him, why not make use of your conspicuous get-up and direct the focus to some other hospital?”


Translator: Jypoonie
Proofreaders: Charlotte Grey, Lyrick

Chapter 20: Seeking Treatment

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Seeing how pale Ran Feng Ge’s face had become, Su Yi Mo felt a little guilty. He turned back towards him and muttered, “You are overthinking things. I have never said that.”

This was the first time Ran Feng Ge had been criticized about his work ethics since debuting in the body double industry. How was he going to accept this? Even if Su Yi Mo did not voice it out aloud, Ran Feng Ge still felt as though he had a problem with how he had handled the situation.

“But that is exactly what you are thinking! Me being captured here was a huge inconvenience to your plans. Now your little lover’s sister cannot be rescued and you still had to come all the way out here to save me. You were unhappy and so you decided to pull my friends into the mess!” Ran Feng Ge responded while struggling to stand on his own; his vision was still blurred but he wasn’t going to allow that to affect him.

Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were watching this unfold from the side. Watching the two of them fight stunned them.

What was this situation? The boss and the body double were arguing? And over something as trivial as this?

Whilst trying to be as amicable as he could, along with a friendly smile upon his lips, Chen Xi Ran faced Ran Feng Ge saying, “Xiao Feng, please don’t be angry. We decided on our own to come here and—”

“Shut up!” Ran Feng Ge snapped and glared at the two of them. “This doesn’t involve you at the moment. I will deal with you two afterwards!”

Both Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were forced to stop in their tracks, both silenced by Ran Feng Ge’s outburst. Looking down at their outfits, it was no wonder why Xiao Feng was so angry.

At the moment, Su Yi Mo didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at the situation before him. What sort of logic did Ran Feng Ge have? He blamed him for not being resourceful enough and still argued with him on why he had to drag his friends into the situation? Su Yi Mo had originally decided to get Ran Feng Ge out on his own before informing Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le of his rescue. That way they would not be involved in the whole problem. But who could have guessed how quickly they would get there? Su Yi Mo had never been one to explain himself to others. Therefore, he retreated back to his resting stoic demeanor, slowly assessing Ran Feng Ge’s two friends.

They were both young and very knowledgeable. It didn’t matter if it was the male or the female, both were very attractive. It seemed as though they had yet to lose their childlike naivety and love for fun. However, judging from this situation, with just one shout from Ran Feng Ge, both looked as though they were being scolded – this spoke volumes on how much they listened to him. This meant, between the three of them, Ran Feng Ge was the center piece.

To be able to gather friends such as these is a form of happiness. Hearing that Ran Feng Ge was in danger, the two of them came rushing in without hesitation. This showed how much they cared for him. Similarly, seeing how worried Ran Feng Ge was for these two friends of his also cemented the fact.

Su Yi Mo finally calmed down enough to think through the reasons why Ran Feng Ge was so angry.  His concern for his friends involved in something as dangerous as this in addition to having been locked up for such a long time, both mentally and physically, he was tortured to the brink of exhaustion. Thus, he was unable to control his emotions well. Additionally, what Su Yi Mo had said before was also too much. It was no wonder Ran Feng Ge had exploded.

Thinking back on the time he had spent with Ran Feng Ge, Su Yi Mo felt he understood how Ran Feng Ge felt and managed to recompose himself. The only way to let Ran Feng Ge release all those pent-up emotions was to allow him to rant it all out instead of letting it stew within him.

Take Jing Qiu Han for example. When Su Yi Mo had refused to answer Ran Feng Ge questions about Jing Qui Han, Ran Feng Ge had decided to go directly to the hospital to investigate! Therefore, whatever it is, it would all be better if they allowed him to express himself out loud.

Ran Feng Ge was far from finished but because he had been starving for a long time, his gastric disease decided this was the best time to act up. Sharp pain coursed through his abdomen, causing Ran Feng Ge to cry out in pain as he doubled over.

“Crazy idiot!” cried Chen Xi Ran.

“Xiao Ge!” cried Mi Le.

Those two were indeed lovers. Seeing Ran Feng Ge clutching his stomach, both knew immediately that it must be his gastric disease and rushed over to help him.

Su Yi Mo watched as Ran Feng Ge swayed and collapsed before him. Between the three of them, he was the closest. With a single stride forward, he pulled the man into his arms.

He could still remember vividly the last time Ran Feng Ge had pretended to be Jing Qiu Han in a coma back in the hospital. He had also starved for a long time then, and inevitably caused a relapse of his gastric problems. This time around, not only did he have to starve, he was also deprived of oxygen – he needs to be sent to a hospital quickly!

How on earth did he forget all this and even started arguing with him here?!

Ran Feng Ge was overwhelmed by waves of tremendous pain in his abdomen, causing his consciousness to ebb away. Because of this, he was unaware of Su Yi Mo carrying him away from the gymnasium, placing him into his car, and speeding away to the nearest hospital.

There was no way Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were just going to go home now. They hesitated for a split second before the two of them got back into their own car and chased after Su Yi Mo.

Lan Kuang had already received news about how Su Yi Mo, along with two others, had caused a commotion at the gymnasium to rescue the man. It was his own mistake to have only assigned a small handful of his men at the gymnasium. A slow remedy is unable to treat a current emergency. On top of this, the number of people Su Yi Mo had sent to his club was not small. In fact, it was large enough to have distracted him so that by the time he started his journey to the gymnasium it was already too late.

Upon hearing that his men had put ‘Jing Qiu Han’ in the underground holding cell where he had almost suffocated to death, Lan Kuang was annoyed. He never wanted Jing Qiu Han to die that easily; all he wanted was to punish him a little. So why did they put him in that cell?

As soon as he arrived at the holding cell, Lan Kuang’s features darkened dangerously. His arm swung out swiftly, backhanding the gymnasium’s manager across the face. “Who the fuck allowed you to use this secret room?!”

Having been slapped, the manager fell to his knees, the entire side of his face burning with the aftermath. “It was all my fault! Please forgive me boss!”

Although he was feeling annoyed, Lan Kuang thought to himself, this secret room was built with the purpose of punishment, so why shouldn’t they have used it?

Lan Kuang understood that he may have been a little impulsive there for a moment. So, without a second word, he turned and quickly exited the underground casino. Without wasting any more time, Lan Kuang left the gymnasium and made his way to the car before speeding off.

As his car sped along the road, Lan Kuang was filled with irritation. He pulled on his seat belt with slightly more strength than needed and the acceleration pedal was pushed all the way down to the floor.

Looking at the secret room just now, which was effectively an airtight prison, made him think back to An Mu. Thinking about An Mu and all the terrible things he had done to him in the past made his heart wrench with pain and regret – it was as though it was An Mu who had been thrown back into that room again.

An Mu, I swear I will find you!

Without a destination in mind, a sudden thought came to him – Lan Kuang could take a gamble and go to the nearest hospital to find Su Yi Mo and Jing Qiu Han. Throwing all other thoughts out of the window, Lan Kuang sped towards the nearest hospital.


Translator: Jypoonie
Proofreaders: Charlotte Grey, Lyrick


Chapter 33: Hiding

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To deepen one’s line foundations, in Tang Feng’s opinion, in addition to personal talent, more practice is needed, continuous practice, repetitive practice, until the lines are firmly remembered in the heart, engraved in the mind, integrating the character’s emotions into the lines.

There are no shortcuts or special techniques; it relies on years of uninterrupted practice. One must give up a part of their entertainment time and immerse themselves into tedious practice. This, in the extravagant Hollywood filled with parties everyday, would obviously be rather hard, especially for those stars that got famous too early, who would often require a monumental amount of effort to set aside everything to study.

Many child stars fail to transition properly into adult stars because, other than choosing the wrong direction to develop in, the many different temptations of the outside world lead to their downfall.

The child actor who had previously starred in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘The Sixth Sense’ and other such films with outstanding performance, Haley Joel Osment, seems to have faded out of people’s field of vision. Even now, Tang Feng still feels pity for this charismatic little boy.

In 1999, when he appeared in ‘The Sixth Sense’, little Haley had already been nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. At that time, he had only been 11 years old. His exemplary performance had led people to believe he would be an international movie star in the future. Unfortunately, due to a series of problems such as smoking marijuana, drunk driving accidents and getting out of shape, etc., Haley gradually faded from the limelight.

That actor is only 24 years old this year, there are still opportunities in the future. So long as he puts in the effort to cut off those negative influences in his life, who knows, maybe he could even become another Robert Downey Jr.?

These are all things that will only be known in the future. The current situation was that Tang Feng had to help the big movie star Gino practice the basics of acting, line foundations.

Yesterday, Tang Feng tried to contact Gino to make arrangements to get together to practice. Tang Feng didn’t know whether Gino’s phone battery had died but whenever Tang Feng tried to call Gino his phone was always turned off. Tang Feng had hoped they could practice in the hotel’s remote flower yard the today.

When Gino arrived, he didn’t call Tang Feng, but went straight to the front desk to ask for Tang Feng’s room. When he heard Tang Feng’s room was actually a standard double room, he was rather shocked. He knew the room allocated by the movie company was obviously better, how did it become a double room.

After Gino asked the hotel staff, he found out that everything was arranged by Tang Feng himself. Because the hotel kept a record of the credit card statements, Gino was able to find out from the staff that the previous room reservation had actually been the luxury suite. Gino didn’t even have to think about it to know who the reservation had been made by.

It must have been that despicable Charles again.

Gino was smarter this time. After chatting with Tang Feng a few times, he had gotten some grasp of his character. That man does not like other people intruding into his private life.

Gino quickly called Tang Feng, claiming he couldn’t go over to the hotel because he wasn’t feeling well today, and had to trouble Tang Feng to come over to his place instead. Even though he was the one who requested for Tang Feng to help him practice his line foundations, he knew that based on Tang Feng’s personality, he definitely wouldn’t think much of this matter. As he expected, Tang Feng did not hesitate to agree to Gino’s request.

“I’ll come over to pick you up.” Gino said over the phone.

“There’s no need. Aren’t you not feeling well? Just give me the address, I can make my own way there.” Tang Feng grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down Gino’s address. Gino owned a house in Hollywood, and he usually always stayed there when in town.

“Alright, then see you in half an hour,” Tang Feng estimated the time needed to travel, hung up the phone after confirming the time, then turned around to pack his things. He didn’t need to bring much – just the script, his phone and wallet.

“Where are you going?” Lu Tian Chen, who was working on the computer next to the window without a flower balcony, looked up. He removed the silver-rimmed glasses resting on his nose bridge, rubbing the slightly sore area.

After Tang Feng downgraded the room from the luxury suite to the standard double room, Lu Tian Chen didn’t say anything and just let the bellboy drag all their luggage down. As for Charles, that fellow had business outside and had not returned to the hotel. He doesn’t know what Tang Feng had done yet.

“Going to help Gino practice his lines.” Tang Feng replied as he bent down to place his wallet inside a black briefcase.

The morning after the night where Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen had gotten intimate, Tang Feng treated Lu Tian Chen like he had always done before, and Lu Tian Chen also didn’t have any overt gestures, no terrifying promises of eternity, no overly emotional speeches, mild like spring water. “Are you coming back for dinner tonight?” Lu Tian Chen casually asked a very critical question.

“I’ll come back before 8 pm. I think you should eat by yourself. Or you can come over and join us when dinnertime arrives.” Tang Feng picked up his briefcase, ready to walk over to the front door to put on his shoes. “Okay, just contact me later to update me.” replied Lu Tian Chen.

“Bye!” Tang Feng opened the door and hurried out.

Lu Tian Chen returned his attention to his computer screen, opening the video call.

“Is there any news from Charles’ side?” Lu Tian Chen leaned back against the backrest, asking the person on the other side of the screen, exuding the attitude and tone of a boss.

“The England branch of Interpol has already set their sights on him. Charles will temporarily be unable to return to America. We still don’t know where he went, we speculate that he’s probably in Northern Europe, but we are unable to pinpoint his specific location.”

The man laughed mockingly. “The tiger with the laughing face hides a sly old fox in his bones. If his hiding place can be found by people, then he isn’t Charles.”

“President Lu, then do we need to…. “

“No need. He will settle his own affairs.”

Tang Feng had just gotten in the cab when his phone started ringing. It was an unknown number and it didn’t look like an American number.

The first time his phone rang, Tang Feng disconnected the call, thinking the other party had probably dialed the wrong number.

When his phone rang again, he answered the call, to find out who the other person actually was looking for him.

“Hi! Baby!” The sensual, low bass voice of a male rushed out from the mobile phone in an instant, as if a butterfly was flitting and fluttering its wings, often bringing a burst of spring flowers.

“Charles….” Tang Feng smiled weakly. He hadn’t seen this lively, gamboling big bear for a few days. Thinking back, it has actually been four days already.

Charles ran away on the very day they were waiting to upgrade their room. Tang Feng thought Charles left because something cropped up again – Lu Tian Chen and Charles would frequently leave for a few days because of work and then return again. This has more or less become something that Tang Feng has become accustomed to.

They will leave, but they will always return.

“Did you miss me, baby?” It was hard to believe the words said in this sickeningly sweet voice came from a large and burly handsome man.

“If you hadn’t called, I almost forgot about your existence.” Tang Feng chuckled. The biggest charm of this Charles was that he always made people feel happy.

“Ah, God, I feel like my heart has been crushed to pieces by you, you’re really such a heartless man! My dear, cute Tang, I miss you so much!” As though the grief of being completely abandoned was too big, his noisy tears seemed to accuse the Playboy Tang for his evil deeds.

‘Playboy Tang’ couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright alright, do you have to be so dramatic, oh yes, why did you leave the country without a word?”

Only now did Tang Feng recall that Charles’ call originated from overseas.

“There’s this British beauty who’s been chasing me furiously recently, continuously telling me he loves me so much that he wants to die, but my heart already has you, how could it fit anyone else? So I can only leave his sight, not letting him find me, otherwise he’ll use handcuffs to tie me to him forever.” Charles explained as though it was a joke.

Tang Feng actually thought the other person was telling a joke.

“Sounds pretty good, that fellow must really love you, just go with him.”

“No! Absolutely not! I don’t have a single ounce of desire for goods that are sent to my door, plus although that guy looks pretty good he’s so old-fashioned and strict, nowhere near as cute as you. My dear, don’t tell me you want me to go after someone else? Do you not trust my love for you to that extent? I’m so sad …. “

“Your acting level has almost caught up to Albert.” Tang Feng replied while rubbing his slightly aching head.

“Don’t compare me with that tasteless pervert. Okay, darling, I have to tell you a piece of very unfortunate news. That British beauty who chased me everywhere already knows of your existence. I think he’ll go find you to negotiate soon; you definitely cannot give me over to him! Otherwise, when I come back, regardless of whether you’re willing or not, I’ll definitely drag you to the bed for three days and three nights of battle!” The last five words were heavily emphasized, belying his excitement.

Tang Feng calmly hummed disinterestedly, “You really know how to bring me trouble, Charles.”

Charles’ swearing words were like fists hitting a sandbag to Tang Feng – leaving no impression at all.

“I’ll make it up to you, but you have to believe me, even though our path to love won’t be smooth sailing, but we have a firm and tenacious heart.”

“Is there any other nonsense you wish to share?” Tang Feng’s blunt, unfeeling sentence directly knocked Charles down to the ground.

“…. Nothing” replied Charles.

“If there’s nothing, please don’t call me.” Tang Feng decisively ended the call.


Translator: Kacy
Proofreaders: Lyrick


Chapter 19: Arguments

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Hearing Su Yi Mo’s icy tone that was tinged with a sense of guilt, Ran Feng Ge could now confirm it; he was safe and so, he was finally able to shut his eyes in peace.

In a haze of confusion, Ran Feng Ge was unable to think any deeper with regards to Su Yi Mo’s appearance – why did Su Yi Mo come and rescue him? Wasn’t he supposed to go with the flow of the plan?

The air outside was good. Ran Feng Ge inhaled two deep breaths when he heard two very familiar voices call out to him.

“Crazy idiot!”

“Ran Feng Ge!”

Ran Feng Ge was unable to register the meaning of those voices for a moment – did they not belong to Xi Ran and Mi Le? Ran Feng Ge thought to himself and wondered if asphyxiation had somehow muddled his brain up somehow. It must be some kind of hallucination because why would Su Yi Mo come and save him? And why would Xi Ran and Mi Le even appear here?

Ah, damn it. The lack of oxygen in his brain must have done some serious damage because the images before him now seemed so real…

“Be quiet! He needs to rest!” Su Yi Mo’s icy tone was more than enough to silence the other two as he lowered Ran Feng Ge’s body to allow him to recover a little faster.

The lovers that had been pushed aside looked at each other and seemed to be communicating with only their eyes.

Chen Xi Ran raised a single eyebrow and pouted his lips a little – Looks like the crazy idiot’s new job was to imitate Jing Qiu Han! That embroidered pillow!

[TN:  Embroidered pillow – an embroidered pillow may be beautiful on the outside but be filled with straw on the inside, basically the looks are deceiving]

Mi Le shrugged her shoulders, agreeing with Xi Ran – Tch, what a waste of talent! Look at how handsome our Ran Feng Ge is, why did he have to accept such a mission? Moreover, that Jing Qiu Han isn’t some pure, innocent little bird. Even in the shows he has been in, it is obvious what a scheming little creature he is! And there was that investigation before, how Jing Qiu Han and the leader of Chasing Hawk are connected; such a troublesome connection. If he were to be pulled into that mess, it’s going to be so annoying!

Chen Xi Ran nodded his head in agreement as he looked at Ran Feng Ge. He prodded Mi Le with his elbow slightly – Le Le, this crazy idiot will be fine, right?

Chewing on her bottom lip, Mi Le shook her head – I don’t know, let’s go over and take a look?

Chen Xi Ran also felt that Mi Le was right – Precisely! Why should we leave Ran Feng Ge in the hands of a stranger?

As the two of them made their way forward, they watched as Ran Feng Ge’s eyebrows scrunched up a little as he forced his eyes open.

Having breathed fresh air into his system, Ran Feng Ge felt a lot better. However, the voices around him were still muffled and there was a ringing in his ears. Forcing his eyes open, all he could see was darkness and it felt as though he had an enormous weight upon his chest. Ran Feng Ge kept himself calm, he slowly closing his eyes and allowed himself to breathe gently before he reopened his eyes again. This time, he was not met with darkness and instead, a blinding light invaded his sight before colors started to appear and take shape. Ran Feng Ge closed his eyes once more before opening them again, this time making out human shaped silhouettes.

The person who was cradling him in their arms was indeed the stoic-looking Su Yi Mo. However, instead of the usual coldness, a flicker of worry was embedded in his features – although it was very slight and difficult to detect, Ran Feng Ge was still able to see it all.

A tinge of regret was forming within Ran Feng Ge’s heart. He wondered what sort of troubles he had caused Su Yi Mo with his ‘go with the flow’ plan resulting with his capture by Lan Kuang. He was just about to say a word of thanks when shadows moving at his peripherals made him turn instinctively, only to see Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le looking towards him with worry and a tinge of fury.

Stunned, Ran Feng Ge immediately recalled hearing their voices when he was on the edge of consciousness. These two actually came to save him! It wasn’t just a hallucination!

The feeling of gratefulness towards Su Yi Mo vanished immediately and was replaced with anger.

Ran Feng Ge ignored his two best friends and turned towards Su Yi Mo angrily. “Who gave you the right to involve them?! I was the one who signed your bloody contract! They have nothing to do with you or your service!” Glaring at Su Yi Mo, Ran Feng Ge snarled, “You will really use any means available!”

As soon as these words were said, the other three people were stunned.

Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le looked at each other, both thinking the same thing – Oh shit. This lunatic has really gone insane.

To be honest, Ran Feng Ge as a person, barely has any flaws. If one had to really pick out a flaw, it would be that he was too loyal! Too damned protective.

In this instance, Su Yi Mo seemingly, without a care in the world, chose to involve his two best friends. If this did not anger Ran Feng Ge, then he was not the normal Ran Feng Ge at all.

With the sudden outburst, Su Yi Mo’s handsome and worried features shifted back to his normal icy demeanor.

What did he say? I came to rescue him out of my goodwill and he still dared to say I was unscrupulous in my methods?!

This was a rare occasion where this iceberg of a man was actually willing to do something for someone else and instead of being thanked, he was reprimanded. It was no surprise then, when Su Yi Mo exploded as well “Yes! I was unscrupulous! But if I was not, how do you think I would have found out where you were? Has it ever crossed your mind that if I had found you any later, you would have suffocated to death in that room?!”

“Then, why couldn’t you have just used your resources? Why did you have to involve my friends?!” Ran Feng Ge replied as he continued glaring at him.

“That’s because—as your friends, they would know the trackers on your body! Going through them was the fastest way; the quickest way!” Su Yi Mo said.

“… Whatever it was, you shouldn’t have pulled them in!” Ran Feng Ge replied angrily as he tried to struggle out of Su Yi Mo’s embrace, using his own hands to prop himself up.

This was the very first time Su Yi Mo was faced with such a stubborn Ran Feng Ge. He was being pushed to his limits and was getting very frustrated, in addition to having his support pushed aside by Ran Feng Ge. Another foreign emotion was building up in Su Yi Mo’s chest, making it seem as though he could not release the breath he had in his lungs.

Before he could stop himself, Su Yi Mo icily retorted, “Since you are so tough, and you don’t need the help of your friends, why did you even allow yourself to be trapped in a place like that for so long, to the extent of nearly suffocating?” making people worry for you?! However, this last bit of the sentence was not something Su Yi Mo would ever say out loud. As soon as he finished talking, Su Yi Mo turned away from Ran Feng Ge, forcing himself to calm down and not get any angrier.

Actually, since he was young ‘til now, Su Yi Mo had never lost his temper this way before. He had always been able to maintain his composure. However, this all changed once he got to know the man named Ran Feng Ge. With him around, his control was constantly being pushed to the limits.

The purpose of hiring a body double was to give himself peace of mind. Who knew that he would be even more busy instead?

“So… So, you are blaming me in-instead?” Ran Feng Ge panted, his features scrunched up in pain – having been locked up for such a long time, his body was already very weak. In addition to waves of dizziness and episodes of blurred vision, his face quickly lost color as soon as he heard Su Yi Mo’s accusations.


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Chapter 32: Line Foundations

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Tang Feng quickly realized Lu Tian Chen and Charles had worked together to trap him. In this case, he would not be able to last until the end of filming if he were to follow the other two’s rate of consumption.

Yes, he liked to make money and was equally happy to spend it, but that didn’t mean he liked being bankrupt or watching others squander away his hard-earned money. But this was Tang Feng’s idea at the start, he couldn’t just go back on his word like that.

However, he wasn’t someone who would just sit and wait to be shot to death. Since those two wanted to plot against him, then don’t blame him for not being polite.

Whoever pays is the boss. Tang Feng started communications with the hotel at the fastest speed. He not only cancelled the luxury suite, but also directly downgraded the room to a double room. The excess room fees could be used to offset the upgrading fees.

Breakfast? Cancelled!

Additional services such as private spa massages, etc.? Cancelled!

Overly extravagant food delivery service? All cancelled!

After doing all this, Tang Feng went to work. As for how Charles and Lu Tian Chen would react when faced with what he did when they came back, that would have nothing to do with him.

Today, he and Gino were going to shoot a scene at a European ball. Strictly speaking, they were not exactly dancing a duet at the ball in the open, but rather, they were two runaway monks following the vaguely audible music in the garden, swaying in a dance that belonged only to them.

After that, there was a full-length, large-scale, fiery, and passionate scene. The whole scene was expected to take more than a week to finish.

In an old building in Los Angeles, the staff was busy preparing for the final scene. As early as a week ago, the production company had already invited a professional team to arrange the shooting location.

The film would take place in 19th-century Europe where the two monks came to the not so distant Britain. The British of this time had just experienced the baptism of the industrial revolution – although people still had religious beliefs, most of them trusted science more. This generation was full of confidence and hope for the future.

And this was exactly where Chris had traveled to over the past three years, and had decided that it was a good place to settle down.

The development of various techniques revolutionized the Victorian era, enriching the building architecture, and introducing new building materials. Most of the furniture here exhibited beautiful curves, protruding decorations, and complex carved frames.

The decorations inside the ballroom followed the gorgeous and intricate details of the Victorian era. The central ceiling had gypsum roses and the circular walls were covered with floral wallpaper. The lower edges of the wallpaper were covered with Greek cornices that hid the joint between the wall and the floor. To create a more satisfactory composition, the floor was inlaid with decorative colored tiles in various geometric patterns.

Tang Feng and Gino couldn’t help but marvel at the director’s attention to details when they arrived at the site. As they stepped into the ballroom, it really seemed as though they had returned to the 19th-century Britain.

These near-perfect decorations not only added color to the film, but also allowed the actors to shift into their characters faster.

Chris and Tang ran all the way to Britain where they discarded their black monk robes. Chris took Tang to a tailor’s shop to get his body measurements and ordered a set of clothes for him. In the last few years, he had managed to set aside some savings, so he should spend the money on Tang who was worth spending on.

At this moment, Tang Feng and Gino were in the dressing room putting on the costumes and makeup. The Victorian era clothes caused Gino, who normally comes off as a playboy, to turn into a proud aristocrat in the blink of an eye. After this rascal wore the costume properly, he even paraded a few rounds in front of Tang Feng, as if to say, ‘Look at how handsome I am!’.

But Gino meekly shut his mouth after Tang Feng was dressed accordingly.

“I think you’re the most handsome Oriental man in formal Victorian attire.” Gino didn’t hold back his words of admiration for the other man.

If Gino looked like a 19th century aristocrat who walked out of an oil painting, then Tang Feng was the classic Chinese beauty. After wearing the Western formal clothing, not only did the image not feel inappropriate, but there was more of a mysterious suppression of oneself, which was precisely the feeling that Director Li Wei wanted to bring to the audience.

The first time Tang Feng met Director Li Wei, he had already danced the tango with Lu Tian Chen, and he had further improved during the True Star training sessions. Now, he had no issues dancing the tango or any other society dances, but he encountered a problem not long after the start of the filming session.

The tango between Tang Feng and Gino didn’t manage to express the feelings that Director Li Wei wanted. This was another instance of the actors’ performance failing to rise to the occasion, adding to the time when the Director had continuously called ‘cut’ when it came to the couple’s intimate scenes.

There was a common situation appearing in movies where the two leads were obviously reputed, with the handsome male and the beautifully glamorous female, but every time they interact, it would only cause people to feel uninterested. This was the so-called no connection, no chemistry, which was the problem Tang Feng and Gino were facing.

This was not a small matter that can be simply resolved by the two practicing their dance.

As such, the Director prepared to modify the lines to deepen the communication and interactions between the two leads in the movie, as well as to increase the chemistry between the two, thereby resonating with the audience.

It can be said that until now, Tang Feng basically relied on his facial and eye expressions, and the voice-over narration to express his character’s emotions, but in the latter half of the movie, he would need to use lines to deepen his character’s image. An actor’s excellent line foundation can engage the audience even more. Conversely, if an actor’s lines were too disastrous, it could cause the audience to leave in a blink of an eye.

Actually, Gino’s line foundations weren’t bad, but now that they were suddenly pitted against Tang Feng’s line foundations, they suddenly weakened.

When both people were concurrently acting under the director’s guidance, Director Li Wei discovered why there used to be, what could still be considered, a harmonious air, yet they suddenly couldn’t match properly now. Basically, the reason is that in the past, Tang Feng essentially had no lines other than the short one or two words, but now, Tang Feng had to exchange lengthy conversations with Gino. When compared under the same lens, as Tang Feng starts speaking, the whole atmosphere of friendship becomes richer, but once Gino follows up with the reply, the rich atmosphere of the movie becomes rather bland immediately.

Due to Tang Feng’s performance during the final act of True Star’s training class being kept a secret, Director Li Wei only knew that Tang Feng’s English was very good. He completely didn’t expect this man’s grasp of language and line foundations to reach the level of integrating with the movie. This kind of deep foundation, which had always taken an actor 5 to even 10 years of specializing in movies to hone their craft, had actually shown up in a first-year newbie actor, completely out of Director Li Wei’s expectations.

“Director, is it still a no-go? It’s so strange. Tang Feng and I have always been compatible before, why did the chemistry suddenly disappear? What if we try kissing to increase the chemistry?” Gino still didn’t know the Director’s thoughts and didn’t know where the problem was, so he continued to crack jokes like before in order to ease the tense atmosphere.

On the other hand, Tang Feng has already discovered what Director Li Wei just realized. In the end, he is an experienced veteran actor. Although Gino’s line foundations weren’t considered bad among his peers, Gino normally only acted in commercialized, mainstream movies. Mainstream movie directors usually don’t have very strict requirements, the film also doesn’t require the actor to be able to express deep emotions one moment and sorrow the next.

Some characters’ feelings were expressed through their lines, and what Gino lacked was the character’s emotions.

Currently, the set and supporting actors were already in place. Director Li Wei decided first to let the Executive Director and Deputy Director film the scene with the supporting actors, while he called Tang Feng and Gino into the waiting room in private, to tell Gino the truth without any of the others present.

“My line foundation isn’t good enough?” Gino was very surprised by this sudden problem. What he was surprised with wasn’t this, but that Tang Feng – an Asian whose first language wasn’t English – had stronger line foundations than him.

“Tang Feng, you go out first. I need to talk with Gino.” The Director sent Tang Feng out of the room, then turned around and closed the door.

Tang Feng waited outside the door for about half an hour before Gino came out. He was a little worried about this big star, but Gino didn’t look as though anything was wrong. He waved when he saw Tang Feng, and then he ran over.

“I already discussed with the Director. My lines won’t be recorded on scene but will be recorded on a later date.” Gino smiled while explaining, as though he had easily accepted Director Li Wei’s proposal.

“A sound decision.”

Gino squinted at Tang Feng, smiling with hidden intentions, “I didn’t expect your line foundations to be so good. I even got suppressed by you. No wonder. I, Gino, surely have a great eye for people. Other than agreeing with the request of the director, I also asked his opinion.”

“Opinion on what?”

“So long as I have time, I will go find you and let you, the line expert, give me some instruction. As compensation, I’ll treat you to a meal or something occasionally. Or, if you want my body as payment, it’s fine as well.” This Gino said with a non-serious appearance.

But this actually gave Tang Feng peace of mind. He was afraid the big star’s self-esteem would be hurt and hence, ruin their friendship, but now it looked like Gino did indeed have what is needed to be a big star – a positive mentality and a heart geared for continuous learning.

Sure enough, Director Li Wei soon called for Tang Feng to go over, saying a bunch of flowery words that just meant that he wanted Tang Feng to help his partner practice more, and that Gino was not a bad person. Li Wei hoped that Tang Feng could cultivate a good relationship with Gino through this movie, becoming the first step on his road to Hollywood.

Good people were oftentimes right.

Not caring about the fact that they would have to spend more time together, but based solely on the fact that Gino was his movie partner, Tang Feng agreed to Li Wei’s request.

It was just that, on that day, after arranging with Gino to meet at the hotel in the morning, Tang Feng suddenly remembered that he was currently staying in a standard room, and there were two other people staying in it.

By the time he called Gino again, the other had already turned off his phone.


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