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Translators Needed!

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We are in need of volunteer Chinese to English translators for our novels.  If you are interested please check out About -> Contact page.

True Star -Turnabout is Fair Play Bear

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Another chapter of True Star is ready to read. Today the big bear, you know who, learns turnabout is fair play.

Chapter 26: Turning the tables

Chapter 26: Turning the tables

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The place where one slept the day before would still be the same place one would wake up the next day.

The next morning, Tang Feng was rudely awakened by the frantic ringing of the doorbell; the cursed sound was like a broken mantra without pause. He scrunched his brows and nudged the sleeping man hugging him.

“Go and open the door…” he muttered drowsily. Having drunk too much last night and having ‘exercised’ right after, Tang Feng tiredly rolled over in the sheets and continued to enjoy his beauty sleep. He looked like a white spring roll, with only a tuft of his glossy black hair and a pair of clean, pale feet peeking out at the two ends.

Lu Tian Chen quickly got up. He picked up the bathrobe that Tang Feng wore the night before and put it on as he walked towards the door. The loose and wide white robe was unable to cover the bite marks on his chest courtesy of Tang Feng.

Perhaps right from the start, he had no intentions of covering it up at all.

“Morning,” Lu Tian Chen greeted as he opened the door. Standing outside was not only Charles but also Gino.

This could explain why Charles had been ringing the doorbell incessantly. The two men must have gone to Lu Tian Chen’s room, saw that he was nowhere to be found, then immediately thought of Tang Feng. Lu Tian Chen had unplugged the room’s phone cord early last night but seeing the two frenzied looking men before him, he thought he really should have disconnected the doorbell as well.

No matter the case, bees will always be drawn to nectar. The people that should come will always come in the end.

“You were here? I knew I would find you here.” Charles stood by the door, looking at Lu Tian Chen smilingly. Only those familiar with the man would know that his smile did not reach his eyes. As the so-called “smiling faced tiger”, the wider the smile on his face, the angrier the man was.

“Here or there, is there any difference?” Lu Tian Chen turned his head, peering into the dim bedroom. Like a gentleman, he stepped outside to close the bedroom door, afraid their voices might disturb the other man inside the room.

This scene was a bit familiar. Not too long ago, Charles stood inside the room whereas Lu Tian Chen stood on the outside. This time, however, their roles were reversed; Charles was the one knocking on the door while Lu Tian Chen was the one answering it.

The only similarity was that the one in the room, sleeping on the bed, had always been a man named Tang Feng.

Truly as sensational as a drama, this sort of situation left one feeling rather helpless in its wake. That’s right, the same person had these two men wrapped around his little finger, yet in the midst of the crossfire, still remained safe and sound, pleasantly sleeping. Such a scene unfolding in the past would have been unbelievable, but now it was clearly happening right before everyone’s eyes.

The truth was proven once again: people abandoning their reasons and morals for allurement’s sake was as commonplace as ever.

“There really isn’t much of a difference.” Charles’s upper facial muscles were stiff as his fake smile grew wider.

“The flight’s been delayed till this afternoon. We can meet again for lunch afterwards, or perhaps even later.” Lu Tian Chen smiled faintly in return. The two old friends’ eyes flashed with fire as they regarded each other silently. There were some things that, without being said, could be made clear to the other.

Through years of learning and cooperation, a tacit understanding developed between them. And right at that moment, their comprehension of one another had attained matchless unity.

Can you give him up?

My answer is no.

What about you?

Naturally, my answer will be no as well.

If that was the case, there was only one conclusion left. Between the two of them, only one could accompany the other man.

Oh, and additionally: This competition would only have two competitors. Should a third participant, like a certain Michael Gino, show up, they would put their differences aside for the time being to deal with the common enemy.

You see, this was the true power of a collusion between experienced friends-turned-enemies in action.

Just when Lu Tian Chen was about to turn around to return to the room, the third wheel, Michael Gino, stepped forward with a cold expression on his face, “Wait!”

“Do you need something else?” Lu Tian Chen asked politely, stopping in his tracks.

Being a well-mannered and educated person, no matter how unsettled his heart was, Gino would never blow up at another polite individual. He took a deep breath in order to calm himself down. However, no matter how much he tried to slow his breathing, he just couldn’t seem to compose himself properly.

From the beginning, he had always felt that Tang Feng had some sort of a relationship with Fiennes and that Lu Tian Chen was simply Tang Feng’s superior and boss. However, after seeing how Lu Tian Chen obviously came out of Tang Feng’s room, it would be a joke to say that the two men merely chatted away the entire night.

What’s more, the marks on Lu Tian Chen’s body were startlingly obvious. Even if he wanted to pretend to be blind, he could not ignore them at all.

“Where’s Tang Feng?”

“He’s inside, still sleeping.”

“What did you do to him?!” Gino could not believe Tang Feng would willingly be with Lu Tian Chen of his own accord.

“Make love?” Such words coming from a normally respectable and serious man felt utterly repulsive to him. Even Charles who stood beside him could not help but let out an amused snicker.

“You… you forced yourself upon him?!”

It was clear as day as what Lu Tian Chen and Tang Feng had been up to last night, but no one could have been prepared for the subsequent sharp and direct words that came out of Lu Tian Chen’s mouth.

Lu Tian Chen shot Gino a contemptuous look, saying, “I, Lu Tian Chen, never have and never will force myself upon another person. And even if that was the case, Tang Feng is not a man I can simply force myself upon. He is not that weak.”

Before Gino could say anything else, Lu Tian Chen promptly inserted, “Even though Tang Feng maybe of eastern descent, he is not like the usual easterners who are overly conservative and obstinate. Making love is a very normal thing. He is a full-grown adult who has his own right of interests and freedom of choice. As for your concerns, I really appreciate your care for him as a friend.

“And quit with the doorbell already.” These last words were directed towards Charles, to which the latter clicked his tongue in response and turned around, walking away with large steps.

Without sparing Gino another glance, Lu Tian Chen pushed the door open and went back inside the room.

Having met with people he did not want to see while sweeping his own tomb on his birthday left Tang Feng on a relatively sour note. Fortunately, he was able to enjoy the rest of the day eating and drinking his fill, had Lu Tian Chen specially put on a firework show for him, and participated in some steamy ‘exercises’. The man who slept well and woke up naturally was, of course, in a chipper mood.

Lu Tian Chen wasn’t as talkative the next day, yet he didn’t retain the joy to himself like a fool. At least now, the man always had a slight smile in his eyes whenever he looked at Tang Feng.

As for Charles, Tang Feng found the bastard unexpectedly silent for once, never nagging at him or even showing any trace of anger. This left him feeling quite good. Perhaps Charles’ interest in him was finally waning. Hurry up, quickly find another lover to play with already.

One more thing Tang Feng found surprising was that another person also seemed to change. On the way back, Gino didn’t talk much. At most, he stared out the window or played with his phone.

Tang Feng had no intentions of explaining anything, so perhaps this was for the best.

They set off for Los Angeles high spiritedly, however, upon return to their temporary homes, they were quiet.

Until now, Tang Feng’s secret remained unknown to all. Perhaps it was better to wait until another opportunity to say it presents itself again. If not, he wouldn’t mind keeping this secret to himself for a lifetime.


ACT NO.: 37


The morning’s freezing sea breeze was like a knife submerged in ice water, scraping indelible marks across his body. The monk Tang carried on with his monologue. His actions were truly an embarrassment and a blasphemy to God, but at the same time, it gave him a sense of happiness.

It was as if he was caught in a place between heaven and hell. His faith in God was being tested by the temptations of the Devil in the depths of his heart, agonizing him every passing day.

Tang kneeled upon the highest hill by the sea, hands clasped tightly around a golden rosary in prayer. He hoped that God could forgive him for his sins, and at the same time, he silently prayed for another blessing.

[I will be leaving. When I return, Tang, I hope you can give me your answer.]

Those words Chris spoke to him by the sea still echoed in his ears. The day Chris was due to leave arrived. Though the young and handsome monk did not bid him goodbye, he still saw the look Chris had in his eyes, even if it only lasted two seconds.

What could not be said aloud was silently recited in his heart: I will wait for you, and I will return to your side.

No matter if it takes a day, two days, one year, two years, or even ten years…

Tang closed his eyes. His hands tightened around the prayer beads as the cool ocean breeze continued to mess with his short black hair. Against the backdrop of the vast mountain, his figure appeared rather small and insignificant.
In this vast and boundless world, they were nothing more than just a group of mortals, powerless and weak against the might of fate.

Even though the script did not require character dialogue for this scene, nor was it called for by the director, Tang Feng had other ideas.

The moment his eyes closed shut, he opened his mouth and let out a hoarse cry. It was a sound full of repression and was unpleasant to the ears. It was a startling contrast to the beauty of nature around him, leaving the audience with a profound sense of despair.

This was Tang making his stand against fate. This was him finally releasing the agony and conflicts deep within his heart in a single cry.

“Cut! Good take! Tang Feng, that last scene really was not bad.” The director stood at the side, giving a thumbs up of approval at Tang Feng. Even Li Wei hadn’t thought that Tang Feng would give him many surprises in the following shoots. He had shown quick situational comprehension skills, possessed a conscientious attitude towards work, was a good listener to instructions, and was always willing to happily discuss the emotions of the characters in the scenes with the director. Occasionally, Tang Feng would even help with the editing and changing of his lines to suit certain scenes better.

If he had not known that Tang Feng never acted in movies before, he really would have thought of him as a veteran actor rich in experience.

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Translator: Kix
Proofreaders: Jinny, Charlotte

The Crazy Night Continues for Our Favorite True Star

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Surprise! The crazy night continues for our favorite celebrity. You didn’t think that was all did you?

Chapter 25: A Crazy Night (continued)

Chapter 25: A Crazy Night (continued)

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As a healthy male, it’s normal to have a physical reaction to the advances of someone they find attractive. If a man has no reaction in this situation then it’s abnormal and he should be taken to see a doctor for a check-up.

It was obvious that it was Lu Tian Chen’s first time servicing someone in such a way, his movements were stiff, teeth occasionally grazing. Within those few minutes, there were many times that Tang Feng felt like throwing a fist at the man on his knees due to the pain.

The thing about smart people is that they aren’t born as geniuses. Rather, no matter whatever unfamiliar obstacles they face, they always tenaciously try to tackle it, quickly learning and mastering the rules. This point of view can also apply to lovemaking.

Lu Tian Chen, having experimented a little, was slowly getting the gist of it. He was like an adventurous knight, bravely trying out all kinds of angles and strength. Each time he heard Tang Feng’s sudden cry or gasp, as if being a soldier roused by his queen, he would continue exerting himself, attacking with full fervor.

This was not Tang Feng’s first time receiving such a service. Charles had done this for him before, although that bastard liked looking at him with a teasing eye, enjoying the moment when he lost all sense of control.

In his last life, he also experienced such encounters. It was just that they had never been as intense as this before.

The heat from the mouth wrapped tightly around him was so intense it made Tang Feng arch his neck back and involuntarily grasp at the damp hair of the man between his legs with both hands.The body of a young man was indeed full of vitality and health, but at the same time, it was also easy for it to be taken advantage of by fire and bullying. Just a few months of abstinence was already enough to make this young body a bit too sensitive.

Passion continued to rise wantonly in the Los Angeles night. When Tang Feng glanced over at the window, his vision was flooded by a series of bursting fireworks, wave after wave. Within his mind and body, fireworks were bursting as well, setting his whole being ablaze.

“Ahhh…” letting out a soft cry, Tang Feng’s body was released like a fully drawn bow, shooting out long arrows into the firework filled sky. A buzzing sound lingered in his ears.

Lu Tian Chen let out a breath, propping up his body to look at the flushed face of the man beneath him.

“You haven’t been releasing yourself lately?” A seemingly normal question to ask any other guy was asked.

“What do you think…” Tang Feng felt somewhat tired and closed his eyes. Having experienced its peak, his body was slowly calming down from its high. His chest heaved up and down; a sheet of sweat covered his body. A droplet of perspiration flowed downwards from his forehead, leaving behind a faint water line along his cheek, making it look as if he had been crying.

He was feeling tired and lazy. Truly, he was no different from any other normal guy.

Lu Tian Chen lowered his head to kiss Tang Feng on his forehead, tracing the water mark down to meet his lips.

“I am regretting it.” Lu Tian Chen said.

“Regretting what?” he slowly reopened his eyes. Tang Feng was feeling a bit hot so he started to pull at his bathrobe to loosen it. His legs were still poised in the same position as earlier, it’s not that he did not want to withdraw them back, but because Lu Tian Chen’s body was still set in between them, with the latter having no intention of getting up soon.

Fingers rubbing through the man’s hair, Lu Tian Chen quietly observed Tang Feng in that moment. The man who had just climaxed alone earlier was now exuding an air of indolent sensuality. This was a side of Tang Feng normally not shown to him, just thinking that this part of him had long before been seen by Charles for days to a month’s end made Lu Tian Chen really want to do something about it.

“I’m regretting not getting in bed with you earlier.”

Tang Feng sucked in a breath and started to laugh. Hand clutching his forehead, he chuckled, “So, you intend on sleeping with me now?”

A hand suddenly shot downwards, touching a place that should not be touched. With the slight force of a prod, Tang Feng’s body trembled and he nearly yelped. He glared right at Lu Tian Chen.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Very quickly, Tang Feng felt a foreign object, separated by the thin fabric of a western suit, rubbing against his thigh.

It was hard and hot.

“Getting into bed with you.” Lu Tian Chen immediately lowered his head again to seal Tang Feng’s lips. At the same time, Tang Feng could hear the clinking of a belt as it fell to the ground. This was quickly followed by the sound of his pants zipper being pulled down.

The blood thirst of the soldier could clearly be felt as he brandished his large sword, poised ready at the door in preparation to break his way in.

“Still want to continue?” Lu Tian Chen paused, hovering teasingly near Tang Feng’s entrance.

“How do you expect me to refuse at this moment? If you want to do it, just do it already, stop being so fussy.” Tang Feng reached out to pull at Lu Tian Chen’s shirt buttons, roughly tearing off the other’s shirt. After all he couldn’t possibly be the only one naked.

The two men were like ferocious wild beasts battling it out at midnight. Lu Tian Chen had long abandoned his usual cool and calmness, only his inflamed passion, speed and strength was needed at a time like this. All rational reasoning should be blown up together with the fireworks in the night sky, burnt until nothing is left in its wake.


In the darkness of the light, a man cried out. It was soon followed by the heavy breathing of two individuals as they merged, together with reverberating moans and the sound of sweaty bodies fiercely colliding into one another with fervent movement.

The major difference between Lu Tian Chen and Charles was that unlike a wild bear with no sense of control in bed, Lu Tian Chen knew when to stop, otherwise they would never have been able to get up in the morning to catch their flight back.

“What’s the time now?” Tang Feng laid dazedly on the bed, pillow supporting his head, with silk bed sheets covering up his lower half. Love marks covered most of his back and chest, shallow enough that they would fade away within the span of a few days so as to not affect his upcoming filming schedule.

The body of a youngster was the best indeed.

Tang Feng sighed for what felt like the thousand and first time.

“Twenty-three minutes past 2 AM.” A freshly showered Lu Tian Chen stepped out with a towel round his waist, half leaning his body over to gently caress Tang Feng’s waist and back. He lowered his head down to kiss the other man’s nape and ear.

The firework show outside the window had long ended, but glow of the Los Angeles nightscape was still as splendid as ever. The two however did not pay it much heed, having drawn the curtains up long before. The room was dimly lit up by the faint moonlight seeping in, casting their shadows to the corners of the wall such that they looked as if they were hugging each other in peace.

Tang Feng looked at the man at his side while slowly blinking his eyes.

“Lu Tian Chen, aren’t you forgetting something?” Tang Feng asked.

“I’ve kissed you, savored you in bed and bathed with you, even helping to give you a massage. So what am I forgetting… is it that we should be resting now?” Lu Tian Chen replied, giving the man another kiss by the corner of his eye and then sliding down his body to lie face to face with Tang Feng. The feeling of looking at one another eye to eye in bed gave Tang Feng a sense of comfort.

“That’s not it.” Tang Feng shot him down.

“That’s not it? Well… let me think again.”

Lu Tian Chen shut his eyes, pretending to be deep in thought. From time to time, he would let out sighs and typical guessing sounds made by people who are trying to come up with answers.

“Have you remembered yet?” Tang Feng reached a hand out to poke Lu Tian Chen on his nose. Finding the action entertaining, he went on to give the other a pinch on the cheek, before gently rubbing Lu Tian Chen’s forehead with his palm, helping him to comb the mess out of his hair.

Once again, the mannerisms of a gentle and mature man reappeared.

Lu Tian Chen opened his eyes and answered, “The relationship between you and Fiennes.”

“Congratulations, you’re right.” Tang Feng raised the corner of his lips. “So, do you still want to know my answer to that or my secrets?”

“If you’re willing to, you can tell me. If not, then you don’t have to.”

“You’re really putting me on the spot. Should I be praising you for your intelligence or for your cunning?” Tang Feng shifted closer towards Lu Tian Chen, planting a light kiss on his lips. When it came to feelings, there were no distinctions between who would push or be pulled, to assert or acquiesce. He will not wait for Lu Tian Chen to come soothe and kiss him, but rather be the one taking the initiative to kiss whenever he felt like doing so.

Instead of staying on the defense, he preferred going on the offense.

“In that case, for the time being don’t tell me about it.” Lu Tian Chen embraced the other man’s waist, replying in a husky voice.

“Why not? I thought you were curious about it?” Tang Feng smiled lightly, extending the tip of his tongue out to lick Lu Tian Chen’s earlobe. In response, he felt the man’s grasp around his waist tighten by a few degrees.

“This is your secret, if you don’t wish to tell me I won’t force you to. Of course, if you do want to, I would be more than happy to hear you out.” Lu Tian Chen replied gently. He now knew why the previously promiscuous Charles was now obsessed with this man. Tang Feng’s performance in bed was a complete contrast to what he had expected; he didn’t show much embarrassment or restraint, but instead openly embraced the pleasures and warmth of his partner.

This would naturally make both feel good. After all, very few people enjoy doing all the work, it always leaves an overbearing taste in one’s mouth, a taste that surely no one could be a fan of.


Tang Feng nodded in agreement, he would tell him when he was ready to.

In regards to his and Lu Tian Chen’s current relationship, Tang Feng could only wish, come the next morning, that this fellow would not make him take responsibility for it.

As much as he may enjoy the warmth of another, Tang Feng regrettably still had no intention of settling down any time soon.

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Translator: Kix
Proofreaders: Rose, Lyrick

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