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On January 15, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With 3 Comments

Yo, it’s the 15th! Today we have some KSM, Gong Hua, and Ti Shen chapters for you. I noticed that one of you wrote that we take an average of 89 days to release a chapter of Gong Hua. So here we have another chapter for you after…dun dun dun…76 days. We beat the average by 13 days. Not really much to celebrate, but at least we didn’t go over the average. Also, the Gong Hua chapter had only been proofread once. Again, if you see any mistakes, leave a comment.

Another thing, would you guys be fine with it if we remove the latest updates page? We have links to the newest chapters on the front posts, so the latest updates page is kind of redundant. Or do you guys just like having a record of our releases on one page? Let us know!

Anyways, after a month-long battle, the long-beard man who ultimately triumphed over the other two was Gandalf! I can only assume he boomed “You shall not pass!” at the other two and took advantage of the moment to win. Santa lost to Dumbledore by one vote. You bad children! You’re all getting coal next year. Haha. See you guys next time!

Key of the Sunken Moon: Fan Tong’s Foreword
Gong Hua: Chapter 7
Ti Shen: Chapter 39

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3 Comments so far:

  1. lfb says:

    Thanks so much! Lately, I plowed through all of the translated KSM and Gong Hua chapters (and for the latter, even skimmed through the raws). I’ll probably be checking out the BL novels as well at this rate. XD

  2. re says:

    Thanks for the releases!

    I like the latest releases page since it summarizes everything an easy to read format.

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