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Our necks are long, and as we see ye ants down in the dirt below, our enveloping vision bestowed by the gods realizes we care not for you. Oh, and we like pie.

-a giraffe in sunglasses

We giraffes started running across the grass on November 11, 2011, 11:55. We hold cakes in one hand and English words on the other. We pride ourselves with our far-fetching neck and vision. We believe they will will aid us in spreading the love of Asian novels to the English-speaking creatures.

We like cookies too.

We are a tower of giraffes. Please meet our crew:

This list was seriously out of date, forgive me my fellow giraffes if I missed anybody. Grovel, grovel…

Nuddle – Tower Construction Worker
I rummage through the fields, claiming the best grass and trees for myself, marking my territory with a circle of cookies. Any who dishonor my circle are stomped on with mine sparkly hooves of sunshine, regretting the day they ventured into the rough wilderness of the Corps Goddess.

Sherry – Translator & Proofreader
Did you know that male giraffes duel by rubbing or swinging their necks against each other? (Thank God I’m female…)
What?! Who says giraffes can’t be nocturnal? I am the giraffe who defies the laws of this world. I ~.~ all day and ^ o ^ all night. So if you see a pair of glowing eyes in the dark, exuding a menacing aura … nah, it’s just your imagination. Keep trying to convince yourself of that.

PiKairi- Proofreader
Super boring yet the weirdest normal person you’ll ever meet? Yup! That’s me. Oh. And don’t forget socially inept. So please, forgive me for any grievances I cause in the future. Thank you! I’m looking forward to your care and guidance. /bows

Nannyn – Translator & Proofreader
Hmm, what to say. I’m a curious weirdo. You can often find me lurking creepily in the corner while munching on a granola bar as I ponder on the complexity of life. Well, probably not. Other than that I’m a pretty easy-going person with a wide range of hobbies.

Syrra – Proofreader
I love making cheesecake, but for some reason everyone else calls the result mashed potatoes. It’s no bake! Of course it looks weird! …Anyways, I love stories and sweets the most, so please share them both with me.

Lyrick – Proofreader
Just a giraffe hanging out in the unspotted section hoping to spot something on the down low. Hey if you read about our boys Ran Feng Ge, Tang Feng and his lovlies you wouldn’t blame me.

Dinoj – Proofreader

Joeypoonie – Translator

Kix – Translator

Milk – Translator/Proofreader

Jinny – Proofreader

Angel – Proofreader
I love crepes and doughnuts (weird combination I know). It is completely normal to see me spacing off and pondering about (and maybe even in) other dimensions. And giraffes are cute.

TaffyGirl13 – Translator/Proofreader


Charlotte – Proofreader
An old, impecunious leech lurking in the shadows. Nice to meet you. *bows*

Missing you!

Just a old one with pervert thoughts who likes what she likes…


Sexy and free!

Demoness – Snowflake
I’m the nicest person you’ll ever meet. I like pancakes and taking long naps. I’m not always lucid, but when I am, I prefer madness.

Kira-Mama – Our TV Anchor
It appears my voice is as powerful as Jonathan Edwards’. I burned cookies today and you have some dirt on your nose. Did you know?

MagenKumquat – Fruity Reader
I am a man of many languages of many words. From the era of music into to the sea of words from the order of computer to the chaos of humans, languages rule my day. Call me a poet, call me a writer or even the more general term, translator. These are the skills of a many lost in the sea of communication. You can find me where the mind and the heart meet.

Aindra – Absentminded Skulker
The goddess demanded I to introduce myself a week ago. Though I’m uncertain why I’m here now, not then. So, my introduction. My name is Ain– [beep] Oh, “facts about giraffes” article update! Let me see… “Giraffes have never been observed bathing.” Good grief! I did wonder about that… odd odour. Wait, I feel like I’m supposed to do something important… Oh, right. Bath. *exits*

LostSeraph – Kungfu Master
I teach KungFu for $0.99. Contact me to negotiate the fee.

Pinkbarracuda – Sleepy Bunny
Usually found under blankets napping. Plays well with others and enjoys putting pancakes on her head.

sae – Omnipresent Lurker
I am the strangest…*ahem* the rarest giraffe that ever existed. I hold the record of having longest recorded tongue length! Now that’s something to be proud of. What? You want to know what else I did to be so rare? Erm….I am the only albino striped giraffe existing? *paints self* There! What now? Sae out.

I’m an otaku and a stalker. A freelancer multitasker.
More importantly, give me bishies and I’ll slave for you.

Yumeruhime – Lightning Speed Cotton Ball
I am eaten and loved by kids as quickly as I translate words. Remember to bet on me if there’s a race; I am number zero-zero-three-two. Now where are my yummy sugars in pale skin…

yihn – Happy Camper
‘Almost’ the nicest person you’ll ever meet on the net? Ships procrastination and most probably its number 1 fan, do sign up for it yeah.

Onion – SeungGi’s Baby-Mama
Being the Corps’ Witch Doctor, I pride myself in the things I can make you do for a moment of sanity. All who come to me bow, for my spotted body, which exuberates mine prowess, makes those before me quiver. Hail the Onion, and bring gifts, or face the consequences.

I have just eaten well and I shall continue to do so until it’s my turn to cook. *shudders at the memories*
May all your meals be of heavenly tastes!

Heyy, Kitsu here! I really love anime, manga, novels, and music (incl. kpop). I tend to like emotional music and action-y/fantasy stories.

I am a crazy person who loves to read and fangirls about many things including Sherlock, Hetalia, and novels by Yu Wo. You can find me reading manga.

I think i’m a random person :) I like random things yet i’m not in any category. yet, for what i like, i’m wiling to do anything so i can be satisfied. be it the story i read or the story i watch. anyway, nice to meet you :D

Cale – Proofreader
I’m Cale, a happy-go-lucky kid who loves reading random things. For some time now though, BL novels seem to have my attention, hehe. I’m studying Japanese but reading translated Chinese novels makes me wanna study both languages :)

Poisonwords – Translator & Proofreader
I only translate yaoi novel/manga. I’m kinda sadistic and likes gore and horror. I wish there will be more bdsm scenes in yaoi plots. :)

KN< – Proofreader
Grammar Nazi, Aspiring writer. My secret superpower is the ability to burn all kinds of cooking including water.

Natas – Proofreader
Feeling fresh and fruity is just my thing!
Enjoying things in life and go where the wind blows or the current takes me. Still I want to settle down a little bit in this wonderfull giraffe team.

Saviesa – Translator
I love to cook, practice taekwondo, and study different languages (linguistics majors ftw).

tactics – O great one
I am the saviour of Giraffes.
I am literally, Godly.
Worship me.

I accept cats as a token of respect and gratitude.
Because I love cats. I love every kind of cat.

Xuan – Proofreader-san




CC Britannia – Proofreader

Rose – Proofreader

Azuri – Proofreader

Channie – Proofreader

Kudrat – Proofreader









Group Anthem

I write allegiance on the flag of the Graffic Corps of Languages, and to the Giraffe for which it reads, one group, Graffic Corps, translated, with sunglasses and cookies for all.

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  1. Gabe says:

    How do I give you money to get more chapters of The Key of the Sunken Moon?

  2. Loc says:

    Thanks for all the translations!!!

  3. KazKath says:

    Thank you :)

  4. SASA89 says:

    thank you

  5. Nudds says:

    I think they accept 移動充值卡, which I believe is a type of Chinese prepaid debit card. I haven’t used that before, so I can’t give you further details. Sorry! :(

  6. AF says:

    Hi, I found your page because I was trying to figure out how to pay for lcread chapters, but I don’t have a paypal and I’m not keen on giving my direct bank details. I live in the US. I was wondering if it’s possible to use a prepaid gift card like Visa Vanilla in the debit section. And if not, are there versions of Chinese gift cards/prepaid cards I could use? I checked the payment section for people in China but I’m really unfamiliar with their payment systems and I’ve never bought anything from a Chinese site before. Thanks in advance.

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