101 Ways of Surviving a Cliffhanger

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Hey guys! We come bearing treats on the first of November. We have a chapter of Gong Hua and two chapters of True Star for you. They might not be as sweet as Halloween candies but they sure make an entertaining read. Oh, I’ll warn you right now, there’s a cliffhanger in chapter 81 of True Star. Haha, that might be our trick in “trick or treat” for this year. Did everyone have a good Halloween? Go trick or treating (cough*candy extortion*cough)?

As for the poll, King of the World was first up until a few days ago, then Supervillain came up and stole its place. We also had a considerable amount of Art Thieves and Pirates. 18 of you wanted to be a part time cheesecake. Nice, nice. Don’t get eaten during your time as an unsuspecting cheesecake, for example, by readers who are incensed by a cliffhanger. Haha.

That’s all for this time!

Gong Hua: Chapter 6
True Star: Chapter 80
True Star: Chapter 81

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