First post of 2021

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Welcome my little giraffes! This is the first update for Ti Shen for 2021 and finally after all that heartbreak things are starting to warm up. Enjoy!

Chapter 37: Forcibly Kissed – Unstoppable


Happy Holidays 2020!

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Happy Holidays and Goodbye 2020! I hope 2021 is better for all of us.

Here is the last release of the year.

Ti Shen:

Chapter 36: A Twist – The Mysterious Man

Key to the Sunken Moon:

UPDATE Taffygirl13 has translated all of volume 4 and made it available on her site.

Chapter 4: Notes (Part 1 – incomplete translation)

Chapter 5: Martial Arts Competition; this time it’s an actual martial arts competition, not one competing over a marriage partner

Ti Shen Volume 2 Chapter 35 up

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A new chapter is up.  Enjoy!

Chapter 35: A New Life – Abandoned

Ti Shen – Look at the b@lls on this guy!

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Oh my giraffes, what are we to do with this guy? Throws table :/

Tonight’s chapter: Chapter 34: A New Life: My Son, Your Name is An Yang!

Ti Shen – Mayhem…Death…Separation WTH!

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Today we have a new chapter of Ti Shen for you.

Chapter 33: Mayhem – Death – Separation

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